Antarctica, Or…

…Compo Beach?

Compo Beach snow

Yep, it’s Compo.

The parking lot, actually.

Alert “06880” reader Steve Rubin took this photo earlier today.

“The snow here was brought from all over town for melting,” he says. “Some piles are 20 feet or so.”

Beach stickers go on sale next month.

4 responses to “Antarctica, Or…

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    Being a Trumbull resident these days, I do miss my old stomping ground at Compo. But, from the looks of things here, maybe … not so much.
    Think those beach stickers should be discounted?

  2. Where are the cannons? Joey

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  3. That’s what the street looks like outside our house – deposited again and again by road plows. No matter how hard we try we can’t shovel enough to keep up. The postman has said that we’re cut off and we can come collect our mail at the annex – he’ll see us again next spring. The bottom of the pile is five inches of solid ice so no machine or person can dislodge it. Looking forward to thaw this week!

  4. Maybe they should sell lift tickets instead.