Snow Guy

Alert — and somewhat perturbed — “06880” reader John Hartwell followed this driver from the Sherwood Island Connector to Riverside Avenue. (John took the photo at the Bridge Street light.)

John Hartwell snow car

He reminds readers that it is illegal to have snow on the top of vehicles (because it can blow back); drivers can’t have their vision restricted; brake lights must be visible — ditto for license plates.

And “06880” reminds readers: Common sense dictates you should not be an idiot.

15 responses to “Snow Guy

  1. Charlie Taylor

    Ah Common Sense!

  2. Must work for the CIA and drives a stealth mobile!! Perfect winter cover!!

  3. Dad’s capable of that

    Sent all by myself from my iPhone!


  4. Bruce Fernie - SHS 1970

    The guys a nitwit but I am glad to see that there are still lots of hall monitors in Westport.

  5. John Hartwell: do NOT text and drive. Snapping a photo from a smart phone is same as texting.

  6. Yes, the person has no common sense and John Hartwell took the picture to remind us all to properly clear our vehicles of accumulating snow and ice…but it is also important for people to read and comprehend the facts… He obviously snapped it waiting for the light. Thanks John Hartwell…and no thanks to the idiot driving with that amount of snow on the car.

  7. Joyce Barnhart

    I bet it’s VERY cold inside that car!

  8. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Not sure about the common sense in following behind (for how many miles?) just to prove a point.

  9. Doug, you’re right, I shouldn’t have snapped the picture and I knew that at the time. My bad.

    Nancy, I wasn’t following him to prove a point. I was simply simply going from point A to B and found myself behind this guy (I say guy, but who knows?).

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      Quite seriously, I was just concerned about your safety by following behind such an accident waiting to happen.

  10. Why pick on the man who submitted this picture. He isn’t at fault it’s the jerk in the car who doesn’t care about you or me or anyone else. What should of been done is the jerk should of been ticketed.