Susan Izzo’s Sochi Snowboarders

The Winter Olympics opened yesterday in Sochi. As happens once every 4 years, American viewers are suddenly experts about sports like biathlon, curling and the bizarrely named “skeleton.”

NBC does a nice job personalizing athletes we’ve never heard of. Each of them, it seems, has an amazingly warm and compelling back story. Picking favorites is not easy.

Susan Izzo

Susan Izzo

But Westporters have a way to root for 4 snowboarders. Greg Bretz and Danny Davis (US), Charles Reid (Canada) and Christian Haller (Sweden) are all represented by 1992 Staples graduate Susan Izzo.

Susan — part of the famous family that owns Crossroads Hardware — first saw the business potential of snowboarding as a student at Vermont’s St. Michael’s College. After graduation, she worked for snowboard mogul Jake Burton.

She now owns Mosaic Management. Based in Encinitas, California, the company represents extreme sports athletes: surfers, motocross racers, snowboarders and the like.

Susan is now in Sochi. If When one of her athletes climbs the medal stand, we can all enjoy our 2 degrees of separation from them.

Though, hopefully, it’s a lot warmer than that there.

Danny Davis is one of Susan Izzo's athletes. Dude, how could you not root for him?

Danny Davis is one of Susan Izzo’s athletes. Dude, how could you not root for him?

6 responses to “Susan Izzo’s Sochi Snowboarders

  1. Wanda Tedesco

    I have know Susan’s family most of my adult life. My family and friends are
    all so, so proud of her and her team. We wish all of them to stay safe and GOOD LUCK. Love you Susan.

  2. Great Story !! I have known Susan my entire life our family are very close friends. Her drive & worth ethic is truly amazing. Go for GOLD Susan.. we are all watching and wishing your team GOOD LUCK! Love ya, Leighann Tedesco-Walther

  3. Very cool story!

  4. Dan,
    Thank you so much for the hometown support. It means more than you know. I am so proud of each of my athletes, their heart, determination and passion is so very admirable and makes my job such a joy. I could not have made it to this point with out the love and support from my family and friends in Westport.
    sue izzo

  5. Good story. Thanks Dan and good luck to Susan and her athletes! Love the guys at Cross Roads Hardware!!


    This is AJ’s daughter.