A Dog’s Tale Ends Well

This morning, an “06880” reader sent a photo of a dog outside Starbucks. It was cold, the dog looked — well, like a dog — and the reader worried she was out in 9-degree weather while the owner had coffee.

I assumed the worst too, and posted the photo.

Readers were quick to respond. (They always are when dogs are involved. And cats. Deer, too.)

Many suggested that dogs are hardy animals. They like to be outside. Some readers said they’d seen the dog often downtown, with her owner, and appeared to be well cared for.

Then the owner bounded in. She wrote:

We spent 1 minute at Starbucks. Since I am a regular, the minute they see us, they start my coffee order. We walk every day to Starbucks.

I debated walking in this temperature, but Liberty was game. I tried to put her in a new jacket, but it was too large and dragged on the ground. We stay an average of 1-2 minutes in winter for the coffee. She doesn’t mind. She is extremely spoiled and only goes out for these walks and sits in the warm house with me all day.

Now, I’m at liberty to divulge even more poop about Liberty.

Her family rescued her in 2006. At that time, her ribs poked through her skin.

Today she is perfectly happy and healthy.

Liberty dog

So the next time you see Liberty, say hi. Pet her. Give her a treat.

I hear she loves a vanilla mocha pumpkin toffee nut latte. With extra steamed milk.

12 responses to “A Dog’s Tale Ends Well

  1. Andrew O'Brien

    Two thoughts: 1) We are all too quick to judge these days on things we see on the internet (across all of society and on way too many issues), and 2) some of the people who commented on the original post (quite nasty some of them) owe the dog’s loving owner an apology.

    • David Schaffer

      At least no one said “this never would have happened in the good old days of Westport!”

    • As I mentioned yesterday in the heat (the only heat, by the way) of the ‘debate,’ I mentioned my personal mantra by which I live: “You may judge another’s actions (for that’s human nature) but never their motive.” This is a prime example.
      Regarding Liberty’s genesis and current lifestyle? Liberty is one lucky girl and for that I cheer!!! I applaud anyone who chooses to rescue a dog and bring them into their home; adoption is the noble option. Stay snug.

  2. Ilene Mirkine

    …’appreciate the followup post on this. Thanks, Dan.

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Well, today’s story shows that many, many people care deeply about their pets and the pets of others. So all is good.

  4. I love happy endings.

  5. Very nice to hear the positive ending. You know what they say about assuming things 🙂

  6. A few years ago when I still had my beloved Nikki (a corgi who lived to 17 1/2 – but who I only had for her last five years) something similar happened.

    Toward the end, she didn’t have much left in the tanks, but after one trip to the vet (in the summer) I swung by Walgreen’s to pick up some medicine for her.

    When I came out, the manager and another customer were outside my car and were glaring at me worrying about the health of Nikki – not understanding that: 1. I’d had the AC at full blast before I got there; 2. She didn’t move from the seat because she wasn’t going to move from the seat in under most any circumstance; and 3. She didn’t respond to their attempt to get her attention because she was completely deaf and mostly blind, not because she was hot!

    I recall not having any interest in explaining the situation to these strangers (I just wanted to get her back home and comfortable again) – but being grateful, on some level, that they would care.

  7. Jody, you’ve done an awesome job with Liberty. Wish more people loved and cared for dogs the way you do. People drop off their fur children at shelters and never look back, and the dogs cry like babies. I’ve been on the receiving end of those horrid and heartless drop-offs- -they don’t get it. It’s really no laughing matter at all. So Jody is an angel to Liberty and glad Dan cleared this up.

  8. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    This never would have happened in the old Westport because in the old Westport everybody minded their own business.

  9. I love Dan Woog! thanks for the follow up!