Bread, Milk And Eggs…

…and rotisserie chicken, Atlantic salmon and cinnamon coffee.

This was the scene a short while ago at Fresh Market, as Westporters prepared for our weekly snowpocalypse:

Fresh Market -- snowstorm
Fortunately — for the 1st time ever — all of the store’s checkout lanes were open.

With baggers, even.

3 responses to “Bread, Milk And Eggs…

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    What a winter (so far!) I was thinking of sending photos of our emerging spring bulbs to a friend in Hartford but that wouldn’t be very nice.
    I do hope your snow removal has improved since the last snow story.

  2. Well, I’m happy to report a very positive experience at Trader Joe’s.

    As many 06880 readers know, whenever the customer lines start to build up, a manager will clang the bell to switch more staff up front to handle cashier duties.  This morning, with a large group of shoppers present due to the impending storm, every cash register was in use and there were lines at each one.

    One of the cashiers saw me standing there with my cane (and one small bag) and asked the customers in front of me if they wouldn’t mind if she took me next.  Standing can be very difficult for me at times, so I was grateful the cashier made the offer.  The customers in front of me were happy to let me move ahead to the front.  

    I know it might seem like a small thing but I’m not sure how many other stores would have had staff who would have acted in similar fashion.  My hat’s off to Trader Joe’s terrific staff and also to friendly, courteous Westporters.

    PS–we do like the produce at Fresh Market.

  3. John Hartwell

    Seeing this post reminds me that I have to go to the store. I hate winter.