Brrrrring It On!

Temperatures struggled to reach the mid-teens this afternoon.

This shot of Patagonia — taken from the warmth of the Y — sums up the day:

Y ice

Tomorrow will be 25. On Sunday and Monday, expect rain — with temperatures in the mid-40s.

Tuesday, it’s back down to 12 degrees.  That’s the high.

Welcome to New England!

5 responses to “Brrrrring It On!

  1. If I drove my car for around 40 minutes on Thursday, do you think I need to start it up and run it for a bit this afternoon, or will it survive the deep freeze tonight?

  2. Great picture!

  3. Deb Holliday Kintigh

    Happy New Year, Dan!
    Love your daily postings ~ while I reminisce about growing up in Westport, sub-zero wind chills do not enter in! We wish our northern friends and family good health, warmth, and some hot cocoa! Btw, high in the Bahamas today? 75…..just sayin’.