Connecticut Drivers Get A Pedal Medal

The waning days of 2013 bring astonishing news.

  • Same-sex marriage is legal in Utah.
  • The New York Knicks have won a couple of games.
  • Connecticut drivers are the 7th best in the nation.

Yes, it’s all true. Even the driving.

At least, according to the go-to website,

Using data like fatality rates, drunk driving statistics and traffic infractions for careless driving and failure to obey traffic signals, our state ranks 43rd from the worst.

Knock me over with a feather. (Or hit me with a Range Rover.)

If you believe — and hey, why not? — the poorest drivers in the country are (starting with the worst) in Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas and Alabama.

It’s a Southern thang.

A typical, law-abiding Connecticut driver carefully  merges onto a main road, via the sidewalk.

A typical, law-abiding Connecticut driver carefully merges onto a main road, via the sidewalk.

Connecticut, meanwhile, trails only (heading down to the best) Maine, Oregon, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Utah and Vermont.

There you have it. We only think Connecticut drivers suck.

So keep that in mind the next time someone backs into you in Playhouse Square, tears through the light at Trader Joe’s, or weaves in and out of every lane on 95.

It’s a hell of a lot worse in Louisiana.

5 responses to “Connecticut Drivers Get A Pedal Medal

  1. Dan, any local knows that is the easiest and safest way (for all concerned) to get out of the labyrinth of alleys that that is the Trader Joe’s parking lot!

  2. Matthew Mandell

    Yes, and in Utah you can marry more than one gay guy.
    Some Mormons have more wives than the Knicks have wins.
    And there is no doubt CT drivers are better than MA ones, but I don’t buy the rest. Hit me with that feather Dan.

  3. I can’t believe that Mass didn’t make the ‘worst’ list. And having to drive on 95 through Bridgeport twice a day, I’m having a hard time believing that CT is close to the top of the ‘good’ list. Maybe the judges stayed in the northeast corner of the state?

  4. I always heard the Ma. drivers were the worst…until I moved to Hollywood Florida…:-) All the worst drivers move to Florida when they retire…

  5. NJ is my favorite for sheer aggressiveness. But Gov. Chris Christie blames all on out-of-staters because because “Jersey drivers are the safest in the country.” Not sure where he got that statistic!