Clam Box Christmas: The Sequel

Yesterday, I posted a photo of a Christmas tree ornament that’s lasted far longer than the Clam Box restaurant that gave it away.

Apparently, it’s not the only one out there.

Nancy Conklin sent along this shot. The ornament belongs to Cindy Backiel. Her father owned the bowling alley (now Pier 1) and the golf range next door, back when Westport had bowling, mini-golf and the  Clam Box.

Clam Box - Nancy Conklin

And Barbara Sherburne emailed this one, from 1950. The photo was taken by Mary-Ellen Jordan.

Clam Box - Barbara Sherburne

“06880” — and the Clam Box — wish Westport a merry, nostalgic Christmas!

9 responses to “Clam Box Christmas: The Sequel

  1. Those are fascinating artifacts. I am admittedly ignorant about Christmas tree ornaments–was it common back in the day for restaurants and other commercial establishments to give away (or sell) ornaments during the holiday season?

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  3. The red ornament is really nice. I suspect it is probably not quite as old as the silver one though. I was too young to remember if my parents purchased the ornament or if it was free. They never had an ornament from any other establishment, so I don’t know how common or uncommon it was for restaurants to have ornaments for their patrons.


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  5. Sharon Paulsen

    These are soooo cool. Thanks everyone for sharing these ornament pics!

  6. George Arndt (gogant)

    I wonder how much one would get on eBay for something as rare as the ornament that Barbara owns. The only tree ornaments I have are the ones I crafted myself.

  7. I miss the Clam Box and remember skating at the rink-and the bowling alley too! Miss my old Westport-it’s been fun reliving some of that!