Life Goes Downhill For John Vester

Nearly 4 years ago, “06880” profiled John Vester.

The story told how the Westporter — a former national luge team member-turned-bobsledder, whose Olympic dreams were shattered several times by injuries — had joined a small non-profit determined to end years of failure by US bobsled teams.

Vester and his group’s goal was to make the best sled possible. In 2010 — when the story ran — the Americans had just won gold in the 4-man bobsled, at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. It was our 1st since 1948.

Another 4 years, another Olympics.

Vester is still involved. His project — called Bo-Dyn — is sliding rapidly downhill. In bobsled terms, that’s great.

Last weekend, at World Cup races in Lake Placid, the various men’s teams went a perfect 7-f0r-7. The women’s teams had plenty of success too.

John Vester at Lake Placid yesterday. The US sled is visible underneath his arm.

John Vester at Lake Placid yesterday. The US sled is visible below his arm.

Vester — whose day job is as a principal with KPMG’s Advisory Services — is thrilled with the US successes. He’s part of a team that has worked long and hard to get this country where it is, in a sport long dominated by Germany and Switzerland.

The Olympics in February are one more — well, mountain to climb. Vester is cautiously optimistic.

But he won’t be in Sochi to see it.

He’s headed to Lake Placid, where he and the rest of his Bo-Dyn team will watch on TV, in a special facility.

Right next to the US Olympic Committee’s bobsled run.

2 responses to “Life Goes Downhill For John Vester

  1. Great Story! Very Cool! 🙂

  2. Hmmmm! So either our sleds are better than their sleds or our drivers are better than their drivers!!

    Just curious- if this is not a national secret could someone tell us if-
    1 Is it aerodynamics?
    2 Is it weight distribution?
    3 Is it better wax on the rails??
    4 Is it GPS and micro processors controlling the line taken down the hill?
    5 Or do our sleds just come without brakes!!

    Motors and rail heaters are not allowed!!

    Now to shovel the snow!!