Winter Wonderland

Yesterday’s snow was ill-timed.

It put the kibosh on nearly every activity in town — including the Candlelight Concert, and a candlelight vigil for Sandy Hook Elementary School. It devastated merchants, on one of the most important selling days before Christmas.

But this morning, conditions were perfect for soothing scenes like this one, on High Point Road:

High Point Road

I took that shot a couple of hours ago. Now, the ice has already started to melt. The snow is turning to slush.

But for a brief moment in time, Westport looked for real the way it always does in our dreams.

3 responses to “Winter Wonderland

  1. Joyce Barnhart

    It’s a very nice photo, but in my dreams it’s warm and sunny.

  2. robin scarella

    it was a sucky time for it to happen. Mostly for the students who would have had their last time singing at Candlelight and for those of us who have been attending for over 20 years. Has it ever been cancelled before for weather??
    And for the service for Newtown, although I doubt there was a person in town who did not think of Sandy Hook yesterday.