Howard Munce’s 5 O’Clock Connection

In his 97 years, Howard Munce — talented illustrator/writer/painter/sculptor/ cartoonist/teacher, longtime Westport volunteer, awesomely good guy — has been profiled by nearly every publication that covers those things.

Including, now, 5 O’Clock.

If you don’t know — and I sure didn’t — that’s the online magazine put out by Harry’s, a trendy quality-craftsman men’s razor company.

So, um, no offense, but what would they want with a 97-year-old, white-haired guy — no matter how prolific and beloved?

Howard Munce (Photo by Brian Ferry for Harry's)

Howard Munce (Photo by Brian Ferry for Harry’s)

Turns out Howard’s granddaughter Rebecca Brewster works for Harry’s. One day in their Union Square office, she was talking about Howard and his ad agency days. Perhaps sensing a connection to Mad Men, they wanted to meet him.

Soon, a writer and photographer traveled to Westport.

The result is a breezy, loving look at a local icon, covering his service as a Marine in World War II, his time in New York as a neighbor of Norman Rockwell, and his work with agencies like Young & Rubicam.

It’s beautifully illustrated too.

How nice to find on this webzine — filled with articles profiling a hipster San Francisco bread maker, and advice on properly winterizing your beard — a loving portrait of this graceful man, old enough to be some readers’ great-grandfather.

Howard Munce's well-used studio. (Photo by Brian Ferry for Harry's)

Howard Munce’s well-used studio. (Photo by Brian Ferry for Harry’s)

(To read the full story, click here.)

3 responses to “Howard Munce’s 5 O’Clock Connection

  1. Maxine Bleiweis

    There’s no one quite like Howard Munce. His spirit, his sense of humor, his outlook on life are the special gifts he gives us all. Along with Leonard Everett Fisher and Neil Hardy, Howard curated the Westport Library’s Great Hall art exhibits for many years with a fine eye and a keen wit. We’ve treasured every contribution he has made to the Library to the benefit of the entire community.

  2. The piece on 5 O’clock about Howard was one of the most beautifully crafted and touching articles I have read in a long time. A life as full as Howard’s deserves nothing less! Kudo’s to his granddaughter Rebecca for realizing how cool her grandfather is and making it all happen.
    PS. I hope someone has printed it out and shown it to him, since he is notoriously computer phobic ;)))

  3. Kathie Bennewitz

    When Scott received this newsletter by email he said, “come look!” It is indeed a loving, beautiful tribute. Gerry, Howard’s wife, said it was a special day for him. You can tell from the photos that he was as proud as a peacock–Deservingly so, because he is such a wonderful man, artist and friend to all.