Holiday Giving: Why They’re Called “Human Services”

Every year, Westport’s Department of Human Services runs a Family Holiday Giving program. Staff members and volunteers match “wish list” requests from people in need with clothes, toys, games and gift cards donated by local schools, businesses, organizations, churches and individuals.

This year, the program will help 116 local families — that’s 400 people.

Typical of local businesses that support the program — very quietly — is Athletic Shoe Factory. Chris Buchner has donated over 1000 pairs of new shoes for adults and children to pick from. You know how important new, cool-looking sneakers are to kids in this town.

Over the years, merchants like Winged Monkey and Wish List have donated new clothing too.

The only reason more folks don’t help is they don’t know about the program. Donations are still being accepted from residents and organizations. Interested? Email or call 203-341-1069.

If you or your family needs support during the holiday season, call 203-341-1050.

3 responses to “Holiday Giving: Why They’re Called “Human Services”

  1. We are all lucky to live in a generous town that happily supports their community. ASF, Winged Monkey and Wish List have been so generous over the years. Thanks so much Dan for this happy article. And to DHS for the work you do.

  2. Dan,
    Nice story. Humanitarian and feel good pieces like this one and the fundraiser honoring the lacrosse captain at Union College are very inspiring, particularly at this time of year. They may not generate the response traffic of say….a surprise Selectman appointment. a building tear down or a parked car taking up three spaces….but I am sure they are well received by most all your readers. Thanks.


    Thanks for the article, Dan. I received several offers yesterday to help families in need–directly from your article. And a special shout-out to on the Post Road for offering free Christmas decorations to our families. A wonderfully appreciated gesture! Gotta go–picking up a carfull of new sneakers from Chris at Athletic Shoe Factory!