“Nate’s Knockout” Really Did

You know you’ve put on a good fitness-themed fundraiser when even varsity athletes say, “Wow! I’m tired!”

“Nate’s Knockout” — the run-burpee-squats-planks event held yesterday at Staples — accomplished its goal. It raised plenty of money for research into Ewing’s sarcoma, a bone cancer that strikes young adults.

It brought together Westporters of all ages, and many more from Union College.

And it exhausted the participants.

Nate Greenberg at yesterday's "Knockout."

Nate Greenberg at yesterday’s “Knockout.”

“Nate’s Knockout” honored Nate Greenberg, the former Staples High School lacrosse and soccer player, now a senior lacrosse captain at Union. He’s battling the disease, and his many friends wanted to do something to help Nate and everyone else with the same form of cancer.

In just a few weeks, the Staples Lacrosse Association and Fitness Factory organized the event. It drew over 200 participants, despite the tough start time (10 a.m. Sunday), the weather (it was cold!) and the daunting physical challenges.

Teams of 4 taking the “varsity challenge” had to run 5 miles, do 750 squats and 750 burpees, and complete a 10-minute plank hold. The “junior varsity challenge” was less intense — but not much.

This was no stroll through Central Park, or pledge-a-penny-for-every-soccer-juggle.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I’m just sayin’…

Nate arrived like a rock star, in a black SUV. He was immediately embraced by family members, friends, current Union athletes (including his coach), former Staples teammates, and many others who just wanted to help.

“Let’s do this!” Nate said. And hundreds did.

Nate’s irrepressible grandmother Lee was there too. It took a concerted effort to keep her from doing squats and burpees.

The fundraiser earned over $20,000. That news — and seeing Nate’s glowing spirit and strength — made all the tired muscles worth it.

Several Staples High School freshman soccer players competed at the "varsity" level yesterday.

Several Staples High School freshman soccer players competed at the “varsity” level yesterday.

3 responses to ““Nate’s Knockout” Really Did

  1. I love you Nate, I wish we could be their with you, you are our hero, we will be home on Wed. and will come to see you and the Greenberg’s.

  2. Dan Heartwarming story.

    There is a comparable one here in Greenwich. Did u hear about it?

    A female lacrosse player, and Greenwich Senior, Nicole Graham, with cancer. Had to b induced in a coma. But 3 months later was back on the field, captain, and homecoming queen!

    Check it out on the Greenwich Times.

    Inspiring for anyone/for Nate??

    best, Cherie

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  3. Carol Soennichsen

    If Nate needs additional support during his recovery, check into the Connecticut Challenge Survivorship Cenert in Southport.