Santa Visits Railroad Parking

Alert — and surprised — “06880” reader Bart Shuldman sends this story along:

Last Friday I had an early meeting in New York. I’m not a commuter, so I went to Morton’s private parking area. It was 6 a.m, and no one was there to accept my payment. So I drove to the other private lot, the one closer to the train station.

Again there was no attendant.  However, a sign said if there was no attendant, put $15 in the box by the sign. I did not have exact change, so I put $20 in the box. I figured it was much better to spend an additional $5 than park in the public lot and get a ticket.

When I returned around 5:30 p.m., I noticed an envelope stuck to the driver’s side window. I worried I had gotten a ticket. How would they know which cars put money in their box?

Much to my surprise, the envelope contained a $5 bill — change from my $20!  How they knew it was my car, I’ll never know.  But in the Christmas spirit, I hope this “06880” post can say thank you!

$5 bill

7 responses to “Santa Visits Railroad Parking

  1. Nice!

  2. Hello, we live and go about our lives in front of hidden cameras, everywhere!!

  3. And at least you know your stuff is safe if you park there 🙂

  4. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Why should this act of honesty be a surprise?

  5. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Wow…I am amazed! Marry Christmas to all!

  6. Philip M. Perlah


    There are daily RR parking spaces. Not sure the cost, but it should be less than the private lots. You park in the designated space and the enforcement person puts a mail in ticket/envelope on your wind shield.

  7. I think those daily spots are all the way up to $5/day. One third of what the private lots charge. And at 6:00 AM there are still plenty of them available. Check here: for more info.