A Compo Halloween Houseboat

In the Compo Beach neighborhood — where densely packed houses draw chauffeured trick-or-treaters from across Westport (and waaaay beyond)* — Halloween is not orange.

It’s black or white. You either love it (and embrace it). Or you hate it (and go dark).

“Dark is for wimps,” Betsy Kahn says. “We completely go with it.”

“Completely” is right. Here’s what her Danbury Avenue home looked like before the hordes of Halloweenies descended.

Betsy Kahn house

This is the 3rd year in a row Betsy and her husband Dan have “decorated” their house with a theme. In 2011, the “ship” was buried in snow. Last year, Hurricane Sandy’s surging seawater made the “ship” a little too realistic.

But Betsy and Dan loved the boat so much, they dismantled it and saved it for another (non-rainy) day.

“Halloween at the beach is our favorite night of the year,” Betsy says. No word on whether she and Dan dressed up. If they did, I’m sure they were pirates.

*There’s a reason this story is running the day after Halloween. If I posted this yesterday, Compo would have been even more overrun than usual. Neighborhood holiday-haters would have spewed their venom on me.

4 responses to “A Compo Halloween Houseboat

  1. It was great! Thanks for your recommendation!

    Arantxa Mateo

  2. Thanks to the Compo beach community for all you do on Halloween. The kids had so much fun….. And yes, what a difference a year makes.

  3. Candy Beach

  4. Margaret Hart Rynshall

    Awesome job! Glad to see people still willing to go all out for Halloween and the kids.