An All Hallows’ Memory Grove

If you drove past Evergreen Cemetery yesterday, you may have passed Saugatuck Congregational Church‘s 2nd annual All Hallows’ Fest.

Though you probably did not know what it was.

This year, the Halloween-style festival featured a “memory grove” at the cemetery (which belongs to the church). Participants were invited to bring photos, and/or create objects to honor someone’s memory.

They were hung on branches in the “grove” — an installation of found branches anchored in pots, and decorated with dried and fresh flowers and grasses. Objects included decorated wooden shapes; recycled pictures from with buttons, ribbons and beads, plus photos with names or notes on the back.

Hanging an object in the "memory grove."

Hanging an object in the “memory grove.”

Afterwards, children paraded through Winslow Park to the front lawn of the church. Snacks and games were waiting.

The grove will remain all week. All Westporters are invited to the cemetery (on Evergreen Avenue), to add their own memorial objects. Creativity is encouraged!

“Halloween has its roots in the older custom of honoring the dead,” says Rev. Alison J. Buttrick Patton of Saugatuck Church.

“We wanted to created an event that tapped into the rich history of All Hallows’ Eve.”

One small object from Evergreen Cemetery.

One small object from Evergreen Cemetery.

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