Parking, Part 2

This morning, I posted photos of a pair of overnight delivery service truck drivers — one UPS, one FedEx — making their own rules in the Fresh Market parking lot.

Here’s one of a regular BMW driver doing the same:


But — to give him or her the benefit of the doubt — this was in the upper lot at Compo Acres, behind Trader Joe’s. It’s usually empty.

So, “06880” readers, weigh in:

  • Is it okay to park this way if there are few other cars around?
  • Or is it still the epitome of selfishness to hog extra spaces — because if everyone did it, then where would we be?

Hit “Comments” to weigh in on this First World problem. Use real, full names, please!

26 responses to “Parking, Part 2

  1. Nancy Powers Conklin

    If someone parked in front of this car, in legal space, and someone parked behind this car, again, in a legal space, I wonder what in the world this entitled, selfish driver would do! Think they would call the Police???

    • God forbid he/she hangs a right and stops in between those two white lines. If the lot is always empty, they wouldn’t need to worry about the car getting dinged anyway.

  2. Selfish with a capital S!

  3. Unimaginable self-absorption.

  4. robert fatherley

    Hi Dan,

    I continue to relish your online and Westport news articles….this one is a “kicker”. One I run into often and continue to be amazed by the audacity of some people.

    Your wonderful fall leaves that go crunch in the night is such nostalgia.  I do remember,  however, when we burned the leaves the immense evening fog that was created….talking about second hand smoke but I am still here breathing and heavy at times through yoga and QiGong.

    Thank you for continuing to share such wonderful stories…the other was about Diane and Chris and their wonderful wedding and history prior…we adored Bob McCoy and Phyllis as well having known them from our previous association with Greens Farms Church.

    Please never stop your thoughts and nostalgia….Cheers, Julie Fatherley

  5. Hi Dan – DK of you know about this…. Big Sonny’s Reunion at the VFW tonight Estimat 100+ old timers will be there….

    Jeb Bacus and Mike DeMattio planning

    Should have told you sooner L Just occurred to me!

  6. Call me with questions (203) 312 4300

  7. Stephanie Bass

    What a schmuck

  8. In my opinion, it’s not okay to write your own rules on parking or any other issue of considerate public behavior. I was next in line at the Wells Fargo bank a few days ago. I waited on line as a teller become free and did a bit of paperwork on her last transaction. A man entered the bank and went directly to her window. Stunned, it took me a minute to call him on it…his utterance of “I’m sorry,” was clearly perfunctory and given with no regret that he had overstepped the rules. People who do this sort of “me first” infraction should always be challenged, and I’m glad you’re busting them with your photos…

  9. We all still obey stop lights and signs late at night when there is not a soul around. Right ?

  10. I think it ought to be a force of habit to park properly. It took a while but it is now a force of habit that has people putting on seat belts. There is probably a study somewhere which links this kind of cavalier behavior with accidents or bad health. What I don’t understand lately is the habit of so many people who wait to enter traffic on the Post Rd. from a parking lot or side street with the nose of their car so far out that it obstructs oncoming traffic. At first I thought it was young drivers who never learned any better but lately I see that it is more a function of the size of the huge cars people drive. It is kind of like bullying their way into traffic.

  11. John Hartwell

    Okay — but it’s not a great idea.

  12. Since it’s a Beemer, I give no quarter. If it were a Subaru I might be sympathetic… no actually not.

  13. Sandy Soennichsen

    It’s too bad the car couldn’t be ticketed or towed, or at least a big sticker put on the front window that the person is parked improperly, and with good adhesion so it has to be scraped off for about an hour.

    • Velveteen Diamond

      Maybe you should volunteer for the job as parking police!!

      • Velveteen Diamond

        Oh and by the way …. That would be A crime putting a big fat sticky sticker on someone property. Wow!!!!!!!

  14. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    There are more important things to debate.
    Don’t follow in the same mentality. Move on.

  15. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Westporters will be Westporters. A strange breed. Nothing left worthwhile to debate here. I do hope, however, that the kids are happy.

    Take care, Nancy.

  16. I like and admire nice cars also, but my motto is if you can’t take a ding or a scratch on your car then you really shouldn’t own it. If you require more than one normal sized parking spot then you need to step back from the precipice and reevaluate your priorities. I was reminded just the other day, after the Denise Torve post, the rude behavior of both a mother on a cell phone and father on who was on his IPad while their child howled away and the poor cashier was stuck bagging while about 6 of us all waited in a backed up line! We must be a little nicer and considerate to each other! Same rude behavior however, I think they did park legally!

  17. I am not sure it is the same car as the one in the photo…..but it certainly was the same model and looked the same,….which was BEHIND me this afternoon as I was on the Post Road approaching the light at Kings Higway South. The light had just changed to yellow, so I stopped, while this guy snapped his car to the right, blew by me and through the light which by now was red. Granted, there was no great threat of an accident, but he obviously increased the odds.

    And as for Ms. Hunter’s above comment “Westporters will be Westporters”, I take objection. There are selfish idiots everywhere and kind, compassionate people everywhere. Westport has both, fortunately we encounter the latter far more than the former. I am very comfortable being part of the “strange breed”.

  18. Simply call a police officer and report illegal parking. I believe if it is public parking he should get a ticket.??????

  19. Bill…where do I sign up for the “strange breed” club? I want in!

  20. Velveteen Diamond

    Again nice car!!!! So everyone wants to make comments, but who took my comment out ? Sooo funny how people get so twisted about parking!! Don’t you think we have other more important thing to worry about? Such small empty minds… fill your minds with culture, education, compassion towards others… And maybe just maybe … Enjoying life!!!
    And my real name is Velveteen Diamond!!!

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