Trashy Parents

Denise Torve was at Balducci’s the other day. She watched happily as a young mom and cute tot in a souped-up stroller enjoyed a snack.

Denise was less happy when the time came to leave. The mom decided she didn’t need to pick up the plate, food or juice container her little darling had dropped.

Balduccis garbage

When Denise pointed out the mess, the mom looked right through her.

And we wonder why kids leave water bottles all over the fields.

24 responses to “Trashy Parents

  1. Garbage parents…

  2. Several years ago I had a similar experience on the train. A guy in the seat across from me was reading the paper, and after he finished each section he threw it on the floor. We got to GC and he stood up and started to leave. I pointed out the trash he was leaving behind, and I thought he was going to punch me. He left empty-handed, I left fuming.

  3. You need to publish photos of these classless people not just the mess they leave

  4. I have issues with smokers at Compo Beach. They think the entire beach is one big ashtray.

  5. Terry Anzalone

    We just saw the same thing at Panero’s. Two tables pushed together and all the trash left behind!!!

  6. I pick up some of those water bottles every Saturday morning at KHS setting up for flag football. This morning there were 13 of them, most with names on them. Lol.

  7. This is why we have such a nasty spoiled generation today. My kids friends come over and they do the same thing….. drop food, leave a mess and wait for me to pick up after them …. Whether it’s at my house .. Or if we take them out … It’s crazy! I don’t know what parents are teaching behind closed doors….

  8. Bobbie Herman

    It’s the “Me-Me-Me” generation.

  9. So sad. Apples don’t fall far from the tree(s)…

  10. Ever seen the Staples High School cafeteria at lunch time?

  11. mary ruggiero

    Public humiliation sometimes helps …I rather loudly say, “I know you’re busy. Would you like me to pick that up for you?”

    Anononymity allows this to happen, take that away and…

  12. The water bottles are not cheap either! Most are like 9 bucks a pop!

  13. Sandy Soennichsen

    It goes back to that “entitlement” issue again; “I’m entitled to leave this mess here for some underpaid lacky to clean up: you want me to do what?; I’m much more important than anyone else in the vicinity, and probably in the whole town;” and it just goes on. So many crass and rude people, along with their crass and rude offspring. I guess manners aren’t required anymore; definitely fewer are required as the more money you have increases (or you want others to think you have more money, or any money at all). That is Westport’s heritage and future. Back in the day………………..

  14. Back in the day….the Keep America Beautiful campaign was started because so many people were leaving trash behind when they were outdoors. I think the term “litterbug” was coined when I was a kid in the 1950s or 1960s and was used in PSA campaigns to try to discourage that kind of behavior. I am not in any way condoning the conduct described in Dan’s story above. I just think there have always been rude and selfish people in every generation.

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      Absolutely! I once gave a friend of my parent’s heck for tossing a can into the woods while we were all on a hike. They were all taken aback and embarrassed, too.

    • And litter was the main reason for the nickel-can deposit/redemption plan (1980).

      -Dan Lasley

  15. It probably would have been much more powerful, and effective, if the witness had simply gone ahead and picked up the trash she witnessed once it was clear the mother wasn’t so inclined. TELLING people how you think they should act involves anger and superiority issues, and rarely convinces them to change their behavior.

  16. Marcy Anson Fralick

    Boy, If I knew I could get away with being a lazy, uncaring slob, I would jump on it in a heart beat. But unfortunately, I was raised with a social conscience and learned the first rule of camping/hiking/climbing: Pack out what you pack in~~Leave no trace~~The next person on the trail must find it better than you found it. So, my social conscience, love for our planet and disdain for sanctimonious people who believe they’re entitled to who-knows-what would have probably had me say something I shouldn’t to the woman, and then cleaned up the mess in front of her and her tot, hopefully making her realize she’s a pig, and second to embarass the crap out of her so that maybe she’d never do it again. I know I’d feel better even if she didn’t care.

  17. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Just remember, when in such a situation: IGNORE. Rude people aren’t worth your time and energy. Rude people don’t “hear”, don’t “understand”.
    Sadly. Try laughing. Rude people don’t like the sound of laughter.

  18. I enjoyed the range of comments. However, I did not tell the lady to do anything. I pointed out the mess behind her that she left. I was in a meeting discussing my support and that of the Coalition, for preserving the Kemper-Gunn House. Balducci’s staff got to it before the meeting was finished.

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