Losing A Long Lots Lot

A short stretch of Long Lots Road always makes me smile.

On the south side — just past the hill behind Bertucci’s — sit a half dozen handsome homes. Built in the 1920s, they’ve aged well. They look lived-in, and well-loved.

I admire the trees on each property too.

I better look closely at #28 Long Lots. It may not be there much longer.

The property was sold on September 17. A demolition permit for the 2-story colonial is already in the works.

If it’s like most teardowns, the yard will also be leveled. Gone will be an enormous, 100-year-old white oak/sycamore, arcing over Long Lots Road. It’s one of the most famous, and beloved, trees in town.

The handsome tree at 28 Long Lots Road.

The handsome tree at 28 Long Lots Road.

Emails are circulating, urging tree lovers to contact the selectmen and Public Works director Steve Edwards to “make sure the town stays ‘green.'”

I know there are Westporters who are happy to see trees go. During the past few storms, falling trees have closed Long Lots Road with regularity.

But this one seems worth maintaining (and, for sure, trimming). It’s so striking. And with Long Lots a major thoroughfare, it’s got so many admirers.

There’s no question: If this tree falls, everyone will hear it.

9 responses to “Losing A Long Lots Lot

  1. It is truly unfortunate. Like owning your house the maintenance on trees is a must and unavoidable if you choose to value your safety and the safety of others ensuring that the health of the tree is crucial. I never understood why so many people choose to ignore routine trimmings, and the occasional canopying of the tree. Along with home ownership, we tend to be stewards of the tree’s as in so many cases they are cut down to accommodate the site plan instead. In the case of that wonderful sycamore….certainly can be protected and an area around base of the tree can be boxed up.
    Regarding saving trees, I set 2large dry wells on my postage stamp lot and never once did I compromise or undermine the root system of 2 large silver maples and a pine and hemlock and large Japanese Maple. So the answer is …it can be done. Developers look at the tree locations as logistical real estate. More should be done to protect the special tree’s we have around town like that Sycamore. Thanks Dan!

  2. Wendy Crowther

    I’ve also admired that Sycamore FOREVER – it is a miraculous specimen. I also totally agree with Jamie’s statements.

  3. No! We call it the Giant’s Arm because it arches over the road, welcoming us on the route to and from school. It’s an amazing tree…I hope the new owners find a way to preserve it.

  4. I admire that tree too, and have actually called the powers that be who assured me, that even though the massive branch that hangs horizontally over the road so precariously, and would cause instant death and destruction to anything/one in its path if it fell, is very healthy, I still think that the laws of gravity trumps opinions of all tree surgeons combined. Keep the tree if possible, but at the very least cable that branch. Maybe it’s already cabled…Would love to know.

  5. I absolutely love that tree!

  6. Wow. Grew up about a block away, passed and admired it every day walking to school (Burr Farms). Hope it will be reasonably preserved.

  7. I’ve also admired that tree and consider it my favorite tree in Westport. I’ve also wondered how much damage that tree would cause should it ever come down during one of these disastrous storms that we seem to be having at least once a year now. It’s size, location and the fact that electrical wires are strung right through it make that thought unavoidable.

    I’ve had personal experience with significant damage, cost and extended power outages as a result of trees falling during storms many times over the past 16 years (as have most of us in Westport). I’ve had to remove quite a few healthy trees that could have presented the same problems to my house and property going forward.

    As much as I would hate to see that Sycamore taken down – if the reason is to avoid possible damage/injury going forward, then I completely understand it.

  8. Thanks, from LA. Drove Long Lots for years going from Weston to Greens Farm. I am sure much has changed. Best,



  9. Sally Campbell Palmer

    One of my best friends lived there when we were kids. I’ll be sorry to see the house go and hope the tree survives.