Not So Fast: Luxe Is Back

Two days ago, “06880” broke the news that Luxe was closing.

Now, according to WestportNow, the downtown wine and cocktail bar is back in business.

Owners Robert and Renee Reilly said  an investor has come forward to help. The business will reopen in 2 weeks, following renovations. The owners have a 3-year lease on the property, in the same small shopping center as Sally’s Place.

Luxe’s many passionate fans will drink to that.

Luxe Wine & Cocktail Bar.

Luxe Wine & Cocktail Bar.

5 responses to “Not So Fast: Luxe Is Back

  1. Lesley Anderson

    Wow, am do happy for them, very nice people! I’ll be sure to stop by for a glass of vino.

  2. Great news…we LOVE Luxe! Best cocktails in town!

  3. That’s wonderful to hear. I’ll be sure to stop in when they re-open!

  4. Great news! It adds to the vibrancy and diversity in our downtown. I hope they’re very successful.

  5. Estelle T. Margolis

    GREAT! We had a Myrtle Avenue Neighbors get together last Sunday and I wished we had an English type Pub to meet around 5 pm, have a drink and a nosh and catch up on each others news. Luxe was the perfect place. We can all walk there! I am delighted that they are able to stay.
    I will write to the MAM (Myrtle Avenue Mob) and let them know that we
    actually have a Pub! Wonderful!