Sally’s Door Still Open

Reports that Sally White would closer her beloved Sally’s Place record store this Sunday were inaccurate.

She’ll be open at least a week more. Maybe 2.

So there’s still time to buy some of her great music stock. Or a tschotske off her wall.

Or simply to say, “Thanks for everything.”

The incomparable Sally White.

The incomparable Sally White.

7 responses to “Sally’s Door Still Open

  1. Sally can keep that door open as long as she’d like. She has spread so much happiness around Westport for so many years. It’s almost like the real end of the Main Street many of us knew and loved. She’ll be so missed.

  2. Sure wish I could stop by and thank her for the start she gave me in my enjoyment of music! What a special person!

  3. Kathleen Fleming

    Fabulous! Thought I missed her..will go in next wend when I’m back….Gawd remember when she was at Kleins??! That was THE HANg OUT. Sent from my iPad

  4. Sharon Paulsen

    I too remember her during the Klein’s days! And when she had her own store, all the “older kids” would go on and on about how cool Sally was. And … they were so right. Best shopping experience ever on Main Street. Such a Kool Kat, Sally was, then and now.
    🙂 (ahem, how much for the famed Frank Sinatra print? Doubt she’ll ever that THAT one go, ha!).

    • Alas, the Frank Sinatra print is already gone! So are the “Sally’s Place” signs outside her store. But there’s still a few items left. (At least, there were this afternoon…)

  5. Jeff Van Gelder

    What a woman.

  6. I can remember her son and I going back to his house in about 73-74 with an album from Klein’s and playing it so loud and clear we thought we had discovered something new. I still have dozens of records I bought there with the corners cut off in the sale bins. SO happy to hear she is still doing what she loves!