“Lots” Of Action

There’s a lot going on on the lots on and near Ludlow Road.

Demolition permits have been requested for 57, 63, 69, 71 and 73 Post Road West — the dilapidated homes that are among the 1st views of downtown seen by drivers heading east on US 1.

Post Road West, Westport CT

Because the buildings are more than 50 years old, the Westport Historic District Commission will review the applications.

Given the state of the homes, it should be a no-brainer.

Meanwhile, the Planning and Zoning Commission voted 4-3 to deny an application by Beit Chaverim Synagogue to construct a 4,000-square foot building at 24 Ludlow Road — across the street and up the hill from its current location at 85 Post Road West.

The congregation could appeal in court, or come back with a different proposal.

Stay tuned. With the opening of Bartaco and several other restaurants on Wilton Road, and the changes in store up the hill, this often-overlooked part of Westport may be ready for an extreme makeover.

4 responses to ““Lots” Of Action

  1. Funny how a blight ordinance goes into effect…and this “demolition by neglect” developer starts the ball rolling and one house dating back to 1830 gets crushed to the ground.

  2. Wendy Crowther

    Unfortunately, I can’t agree that tearing down these homes is a “no brainer.” I’m fond of old houses and am always on the side of preservation and restoration. I’ve watched these houses deteriorate for years (often called “demolition by neglect”) and hoped that by some miracle the property owner(s) would repair them. If restored, I’d SO prefer encountering these quaint, vintage houses as I made my east-bound approach into town rather than what I suspect might become sizable commercial building(s) if these houses are demolished. These older homes are more in keeping with the historic buildings just a block away on the Post Rd. (the area restored by the Taucks two decades ago) and their counterparts on Lincoln St., just a block in the other direction. These houses, if repaired/restored, could provide welcome relief to the eye as we travel the Post Rd. between commercial strips. Please…are there any Tauck-like folks out there who might take interest in these?

    I can almost hear one former 06880 responder saying, “If you like them so much, buy them and restore them yourself.” I would if I had the bankroll. I HAVE walked the talk though – I was a member of the committee that restored the town-owned Emily McLaury House. I’ll keep hoping that there is someone out there like me or the Taucks who might be able to save at least one or two of these old houses. If the town could get in the act, (fat chance), maybe these places could provide the always touted “affordable housing” or maybe they could become new residences for those helped by organizations like Homes with Hope (the Linxweiler House being an example).

    But the Town of Westport’s P&Z shocked me the other day with their denial of the application to move the historic Kemper House to the Baldwin Lot. OMG – to save a few parking spots? My mouth is still hanging open. I have no hope that the town, other than a demo delay, will come to the rescue for the Post Rd. houses.

    I’m bracing myself to be disappointed over and over as Westport turns its back on its heritage and bows to golden calves. Sigh.

  3. Sandy Soennichsen

    Are there any true historical houses there? And does one person or company own all of them? C’mon folks, an older dilapidated house is an eyesore for everyone and should be taken down. Now what goes up in its (their) place(s) is something else. In my opinion, a house to be considered “historically significant” should be at least 200 years old and must have been built and resided in by a person of significance to the surrounding community, the state or the country. Not Jedediah Cooper who came from the old sod or was thrown out of his previous township. If it’s that dilapidated, tear it down, and it shouldn’t be the provence of the town to buy it and fix it – get rid of it. I’m getting real tired of my tax monies going to these whiny, bleeding heart causes and projects that do not benefit the town at large.

  4. I was wondering if the smaller house in the picture is part of what was once called “the barracks” , built on North Compo road for the returning G.I.’s from WW 2 ? does anybody have a clue ?