You’ve Got To Be Kidding

Alert “06880” reader Christine Cullen captured this less-than-stellar parking job at Kidville today:


But hey — no problem!

Why spend precious seconds parking, when there’s a new kids’ store to check out?

Priorities, right?

10 responses to “You’ve Got To Be Kidding

  1. Simply brilliant!
    That says it all………………..

  2. got nervous that was my car.

  3. can someone be that stupid or disengaged from reality?

  4. Oh..yeah!!!

  5. Dear Dan,

    I wish you could make a deal with the police or first selectman’s office to get the names of these “parkers” from their license plates and use them in the column. At the least they deserve to be humilated, at the most drawn and quartered.


  6. Happened to me twice last week in Westport. Car next to me (both huge SUVs) parked so closely I couldn’t get into my car. Had to go knocking on store doors in the neighborhood to find the owners so I could leave.

  7. Wonder how the owner of the silver car felt about this, if they came out before this moron did? One would be very tempted to cause some “accidental” dings to that SUV, wouldn’t one?

    • Who do you think parked first? Perhaps the black SUV “parked” first, in a rush (being kind here). Then the silver car came along and with no other spots available in the lot, attempted to show “how it’s done”– even though getting out of the minivan would not have been convenient. So what’s Kidville?

  8. Has anyone ever noticed how ridiculously tight the parking spaces are in front of Aux Delice?? Even if you park between the lines, it’s almost impossible to get out of your car. There should be a standard size for all parking spaces.