Positano Parking

“06880” is fond of posting “poor parking” pictures.

Most make readers angry.

This one, from Positano restaurant on residential Hillspoint Road — well, all you can do is laugh.

Positano parking

(Photo/Sandy Rothenberg)


7 responses to “Positano Parking

  1. How do these do in NYC? I volunteer to go with these people to find out how it’s done.

  2. Sandy Soennichsen

    That belonged to Britt Charlesworth, Staples Class of ’76, who was married on Saturday. ( Her sisters, Carrie and Meg were all Staples grads also.) So congratulations to Britt and her new husband, Ian. Good luck Mr and Mrs Gobright.

  3. To be fair, this COULD be a small wedding party/rehearsal dinner group with a not so smart limo driver, LOL.
    Or, maybe it’s Obama, trying to get away from all the bi-partisanship and rhetoric, and war stress decisions, just for a quiet and tasteful meal out of dodge (if just for one stinking day, for Pete’s sake. Anyone who wants to be president in this day and age has got to be a masochist, lol ).
    OR, just another “privileged” PITA disrupting the sancticty of mindfullness, unaware of others?
    (Ahem, too deep? Tee hee).

  4. I rescind my offer.. three’s definitely a crowed in this case.. Congrats to the happy couple.

  5. Sandy Soennichsen

    I have to correct my comment yesterday and apologize to Britt for making her way too old for her time. I wrote she was in the Staples class of 76; not true, she was the class of 94. Sorry Britt! Still, congratulations to you.

  6. LoL. Now this is really “STRETCHING” things!!


  7. We travelled far and wide back to Westport where we all grew up for my sister Britt’s wedding. Thanks for having our backs Uncle Sandy! The photo is too funny…I had no idea the limo driver even did that! Congratulations to Britt and her new husband (my brother in law) Ian. xoxo Carrie Charlesworth Tenuto (Staples ’89) Thank you Dan for posting!