Beauty Of The Beach

Today’s weather had it all: sun, clouds, thunder, lightning, hail, humidity, and (now) a cool breeze.

The day began this way:

Compo morning - Stacy Waldman Bass

Stacy Waldman Bass captured the Compo sunrise — as she does many mornings.

Every sunrise there is special. But this one was particularly impressive.

4 responses to “Beauty Of The Beach

  1. Courtesy of Byl Cameron- Compo at the end of today.

    Cindy Brown

  2. Clare Stickley


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  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Ah, stunning! I miss Compo and my hometown of Westport, having been an Easton, and now Trumbull resident for many years.
    This photo should be displayed at the WAC! (are they still there?).

  4. Stunning!!!! Compo skies never gets old.