Rod Serling Would Have Loved This Place

There’s a new business downtown, 2 doors down from Finalmente:

Clairvoyant Westport CT

I’d like to give “06880” readers more details, such as when it’s open, but there was nothing posted.

If only I could read the owner’s mind…

5 responses to “Rod Serling Would Have Loved This Place

  1. Nice one-liner, Dan.

  2. You don’t need an appointment. They already know when you’re coming.

  3. I didn’t know there were that many clairvoyants out there to need a special consultant.

  4. (SP) Chairvouant Consultant
    re: Sourcing Flying Chairs…………….

  5. Douglass Davidoff

    They work with the Psychic Pizzeria. Those folks deliver your pizza 30 minutes before you know you want one.