Cablevision: $4 And Change

I’m willing to do a lot for my “06880” readers.

Waiting on the phone for Cablevision to answer is, unfortunately, not one of them.

So I don’t know if this email from an alert reader is true or not. But it’s worth passing on:

Cablevision will give a $4-and-change rebate for last night’s service outage. It requires staying on the phone and probably calling again when the bill comes, but it is sooo worth it for the aggravation it gives them.

Call 203-847-6666. But don’t tell ’em Dan sent you.

An average Cablevision customer in Westport, last night.

An average Cablevision customer in Westport, last night.

17 responses to “Cablevision: $4 And Change

  1. Psssst, Dan, there’s this thing called “the internet.” It’s pretty cool.

    I logged on, and did a chat with a rep in billing. I requested and received the credit for my home and my mom’s house in Weston in under four minutes. And it should have been shorter as I was mutli-tasking doing work stuff, too.

    At the end I asked if the rep was working last night and he said, thankfully no. 🙂

    • That’s a lot better than last night. i used my iPhone to try to access a rep through chat. I was told I was #898 in the queue, and my wait time would be 16:38. So yes, I have heard of “the internet.”

  2. Dewey Loselle

    Dan – Your readers are correct. On the back of everyone’s Optimum bill under “Service Information” it says, ” If you have a cable-related outage that lasts for more than three consecutive hours, you’ll receive full credit on your bill for the time lost provided you contact us within 30 days of the outage”
    Since this was a system wide failure effecting Fairfield County (and maybe wider) it seems silly for citizens to indivually have to contact them. They should just issue a blanket $4 reduction to all their customers in the effected areas. I am going to ask Sen. Toni Boucher and Rep. Gail Laville to look into it.

  3. Thanks, Dan. Although $4 doesn’t cover my frustration at missing the A-Rod story on 60 Minutes, missing A-Rod getting plunked and then hitting a home run, missing Breaking Bad, only for the TV to come back on for 21 minutes and then crash again, etc. etc. That dish I see on my neighbor’s roof is speaking to me…

  4. Amelia Lehman

    I think that is the average Cablevision customer “anytime”!! The last three times I have called them I have waited, no less than, 30 minutes.

  5. Amelia Lehman

    Call AT&T and get U-Verse. It is great and that never happens.

    • Bruce Schneider

      For some reason not all Westport has U-verse. Anyone have any clue when Old Hill will have access to it? If you ask ATT, you get “I don’t know!”

  6. Stacy Prince

    I got $3.98. Took about 20 minutes.

  7. I found this link on their web-site…
    It took less than a minute to fill out and they claim I’ll have a response to my inquiry in 30 minutes.

    • Bruce Schneider

      Used link and got the response below in nine minutes. I think the amount has to do with what you have with Cablevision. Not to be harsh, but notice that they are “hear” 24 hours a day versus “here” 24 hours a day!

      Dear Valued Customer,

      I do apologize for your service outage on Sunday. I will be more than happy to apply a credit on your account.

      The credit for the day will be $7.09. I will have this processed immediately.

      We are hear 24 hours per day. Please feel free to respond to this email, start a live chat, or you can always call us.

      Thank you for choosing Optimum,

  8. I had a friend log on to the Cablevision site last night and she was #539 in the cue. You know it’s bad when you dial in and you get a busy signal.

    Use the “live chat” option and you won’t have to wait the 30 minutes.

  9. Bobbie Herman

    We have AT&T and got all our shows.

  10. Betty Lou Cummings

    We too have AT&T and a land line…hurray! By the way, go Westport LL…so proud… Betty Lou Cummings

  11. THanks for the heads up….I just got off the phone with cablevision…which of course required a long wait.

    I got $3.46 for an entire evening where I was forced to actually READ…having no phone, internet or TV. Once the current promotion ends I’m reconsidering my options. HELLO AT&T!

    Heading down to Joey’s to spend my “refund” on a half a burger

  12. Dick Lowenstein

    Just got an unsolicted automated phone call from Cablevision telling me that I”ll get an $8 credit for the August 18 outage. Does some local poltician want to take credit for it?

    • Dewey Loselle

      Well it’s hard to know for sure who actually gets credit for making this happen. However, I do know that both State Senator Toni Boucher and State Representative Gail Laville were both in contact with Cablevsion’s legislative person. Extensive discussions took place and Toni and Gail lobbied hard for Fairfield County subscribers to be issued a blanket rebate rathter than each of us having to individually apply. Seems to me that it worked! Thank you Toni and Gail and anyone else who helped lobby Cablevision to do the right thing.