Southport Shack Saved?

On Sunday morning, the Southport Beach concession stand run by Hunter King looked like this:

Southport beach

As noted on “06880,” it was 1 day away from demolition.

Several alert readers spotted it this week just around the corner (and over the Westport border), on Beachside Avenue. JP Vellotti sent along this shot:

Southport Beach concession stand on Beachside Avenue

Which brings up 3 questions:

  1. What’s it doing there?
  2. How long will it stay?
  3. How could someone on the demolition crew misspell “Fairfield” as “Farfield”?

7 responses to “Southport Shack Saved?

  1. Jack Backiel

    Spell Check wasn’t available. I’d like to have a dollar for every hot dog and ice cream I bought there since 1953. That beach holds a lot of memories for me.

  2. Oh, I really hope they can save the Shack. That story is absolutely heartbreaking. The completely American story — up from bootstraps — and the father’s injury while desperately trying to save it — I’ll be watching from Austin.

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    I’m a born and bread (pun intended, even if it’s not funny) Westporter, but since my best friend lived in Southport, I too enjoyed a mini-fortune of beach shack delights! Good memories.
    Wonder if a local philanthropist decided to take on the shack cause? Hmmm, does Phil Donohue still reside in Greens Farms??? LOL
    FARfield, hmmm. Maybe the state workers who neatly graffitied the shack in bold faced lettering (ever try to spray paint letters legibly? I’m impressed, haha), were so FAR removed from our township, that the FARthest thing from their minds was to check the spelling of the town they were working in.

  4. Jack Backiel

    Boomer, I got a chuckle out of that comment.

  5. Maybe the guy thought it said “put the house over there in that “far field”!

  6. So the shack is strong enough to be hoisted on a trailer (where it appears to be sitting just fine) but it’s not stable enough to have been put back on it’s original foundation? Although FEMA would like it to be raised, that is not a requirement. Just look at all the structures that have been rebuilt since Sandy; have they all been raised? Of course not.

    Looks to me like the Town of Fairfield is giving these kids a bum deal. If in fact their lease says the town must provide a shack, then why not at the very least keep it on the trailer and voila!, now it’s a food cart. Add some plants and bunting around the perimeter and it would look fine. Plus, it can be towed away before the next hurricane makes landfall.

    If the shack is intact, they must put it back so we can all snack!

  7. Nick Thiemann

    As far as misspelling Fairfield as Farfield, the demolition crew may have been more erudite than you might expect. The name Fairfield comes from the old English word for pig field. The word “fair”, “fahr” and “far” were then spellings for swine or pigs. So maybe these construction guys were playing a sly trick on the locals as these could be alternate spellings of Fairfield.. I doubt it..