Congratulations To Westport Little League All-Stars!

A gutsy 1-0, 1-hit performance over Rhode Island gave Westport its 1st New England Little League championship tonight.

It was tense. It was exceptionally well-played. It was a classic.

Next stop: Williamsport!

9 responses to “Congratulations To Westport Little League All-Stars!

  1. Diane silfen


  2. WwwwwoooooooooHhhhhhhooooooo!! I was the loudest one at the Duck!!! Way to go boys!!
    (That is as eloquent as I can be at times of such excitement)

  3. Audrey Hertzel

    Way to go, Westport!!

  4. Adam Schwartz '75

    If this kid Knight was able to pitch every game in Williamsport, give them the title right now! I hope they are deep in pitching. If so, they have to be one of the top contenders to win it all! It’s weird knowing I used to play for Westport Little League. The good old Pirates! Is the Little League field still behind Coleytown Elementary? One of the highlights of playing on that field back in the late 60’s were the Foul Lines were plastic and were held down by nails so when you slid you sometimes ripped your pants all the way down the sides, not to mention the nice scars I still have on the sides of my leg from almost 50 years ago playing on that field!

    Congrats WLL!

  5. Betty Lou Cummings

    Wonderful, wonderful…so proud of our Little League All-Stars win tonight…We are all sharing the excitement of this achievement …and will cheer at every and all the winning games in Williamsport! Congratulations & WOW!!! Betty Lou Cummings…

  6. Matthew Mandell

    Good game. Gotta feel for the RI 3B who had the ball but fumbled the transfer for the throw home to get the lead runner. He started to cry right there. He knew he just lost the game.

    On to the series. Go Westport.

  7. Ann Marie Flynn

    It was super to be in Bristol and see all their games! Yep, wonderful youngsters you did us all proud. And please enjoy all the perks that come with the wins/playing.. Williamsport will be a fantastic happening for you.
    It would be cool to see what you all write on the traditional return to school essay…”What I Did On My Summer Vacation”.
    Hearty congratulations to a fabulous team!

  8. Jo Ann Miller

    Congratulation. A Memory to cherish. It will be fun to watch
    the Little League World Series this year, which we do each year. With Westport playing in it will make it very special. Thank You!!!!!!
    Have FUN!

  9. Makes us all proud!