Save Cockenoe Now: The Sequel

Yesterday’s post on the fight to save Cockenoe Island from becoming a nuclear power plant brought an email from Abigail Burns.

She wanted to make sure that the contributions of her father — Richard Weinstein — are not overlooked.

Richard Weinstein

Richard Weinstein

A prominent lawyer in East Norwalk who died last year, he helped lead the charge against United Illuminating. With State Representative Ed Green, Richard played an important role in crafting legislation regarding first rights of eminent domain.

Richard’s involvement had far-reaching ripples. Alexander Adams — a founding member of the Nature Conservancy — asked him to join the fledgling organization. He served them for 0ver 40 years, including 2 stints as board chairman.

Abigail adds this fascinating postscript: The Fukushima nuclear power plant that continues to leak 300 tons of radioactive water a day — 2 1/2 years after sustaining heavy damage in an earthquake and tsunami — is the same type of plant that had been planned for Cockenoe.

7 responses to “Save Cockenoe Now: The Sequel

  1. I think the Cockenoe story also illustrates perhaps how local newspapers played a more prominent role in community life when they had the resources, including a larger staff, to report on and do extensive of a range of local news events.

  2. Matthew Mandell

    Fred, you mean in other words we have a problem today with limited coverage. But we do have blogs and Dan does a good job where the papers miss out.

    On this article, Imagine what Sandy would have done to the plant if it were there?

  3. Thanks, Richard!!!

    As to the role/value of the media in today’s world, we might look to the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster to see if the media is serving the general public better or worse today, on a national level. It is hard to see anything but a disinformation campaign.

    On a local level, the Woogs and Mandells are the successors to Jo and Richard, and are filling the place that newspapers have abandoned, thank goodness!

  4. Nick Thiemann

    There’s no question that the community effort, supported by Jo Brocius’s newspaper, led to the rejection of United Illuminating’s effort to put a nuclear power plant on cockonoe. This project wads stopped only after the power company owned Cockonoe and the Westport “town fathers” had endorsed it.

    Credit, again, must be given to Ed Green our state rep in Hartford. It was there, with his leadership that the project was likked.

  5. I wholeheartedly agree that Dan, through his blog, helps fill in for the void left by the cutbacks in local newspaper coverage. But would Dan be a full-time writer today–and doing this blog– if it hadn’t been for the opportunity he had working at the Westport News as a high school student?

    Sure, kids still get to write for Inklings today but I would be willing to bet that working at the Westport News gave Dan a broader experience and perhaps even more confidence in the development of his writing skills.

  6. Pam Weinstein Glasser/Tampa

    Thank you for adding that to your blog about my father, Dick Weinstein,he was a fighter of all good causes his entire life..He loved Norwalk and helping the environment.

    • That he was, Pam, and also remembered as civic leaders are your uncles
      Mark and Marvin. A.J. and Mn, your grandparents, set a fine example.