“The Girl Next Door” Comes Home

What do you get when you cross “The Girl Next Door” with hardcore porn?

“The Girl Next Door XXX — A Hardcore Parody,” of course.

And of course — this being “06880” — there’s a tight Westport connection.

"The Girl Next Door"The Girl Next Door” — a 2004 film — was directed by 1990 Staples grad Luke Greenfield. The plot — a teenager’s dream comes true when a former porn star moves next door and they fall in love — was rooted in Greenfield’s home town. Twenty years earlier, Marilyn Chambers earned worldwide fame as the Ivory Snow girl-turned-“Behind the Green Door” star.

Mike Kulich — a Staples 2004 grad — is now the owner of Assence Films, which specializes in exactly what “Assence” sounds like. He just gave the green door light to “The Girl Next Door XXX.”

According to a press release — yes, porn companies send out PR —

Assence Films is known for its more hardcore gonzo-type movies, but has released successful parodies in the past including “Vote For Rush,” a take on conservative Rush Limbaugh and what he does with sexy coeds once he goes off the air.

Describing “The Girl Next Door,” Mike says:

 Luke Greenfield’s movie was my childhood. We grew up in the same town, we went to the same school, and we did the same things. There are so many aspects of the movie that I lived: late nights at the Sherwood Diner, evading Robocop to get to the beach, crazy road trips with my buddies, and of course dreams of making it big in the adult entertainment business. This movie is not only going to be a great hardcore parody, but a homage to my childhood in Westport.

Westport Cinema Initiative: are you listening?

3 responses to ““The Girl Next Door” Comes Home

  1. Ya gotta love this Town 😉

  2. Ann Marie Flynn

    Your remark , Tom, brings on a LOL response…

    • Ain’t dat da truth, Ann Marie 😉
      Can you imagine the anonymous responses of yesteryear ?