After Sandy, A Pleasant Surprise

Sure, it looks a little Guantanamo prison-ish.

But the temporary fencing that replaced the Compo Beach brick wall demolished by Hurricane Sandy has pleasantly surprised a number of Westporters.

Gone is the imposing barrier between the covered pavilion near Joey’s, and the wooden bathhouses next to it.

In its place stands an open fence.

Compo bathhouse

It’s not pretty — and neither are the bathhouses behind it, dating back to the time the first life forms slithered out of the sea — but the airiness of the area appeals to many beachgoers.

When permanent improvements are made — “permanent,” of course, being at the whims of weather — it might be good to consider something along the lines of the current fence, not the old wall.

And, of course, some updates to the bathhouses. As grotty as they are, they’re well utilized, and much appreciated by regulars who store chairs, umbrellas and toys there.

One of whom even said he thought users would be willing to pay for improvements themselves.

2 responses to “After Sandy, A Pleasant Surprise

  1. I love our locker. I got it in 1965 when I had five little kids and stuff to
    schlepp. A couple of weeks ago our lock was stolen and towels and
    a beach blanket and beach chair were also stolen. We replaced the
    lock but there is no guarantee it will not happen again. How can we prevent
    this? Or can we?

  2. Michael Calise

    If I were Joey I would cut a door from the concession to that space – set up tables – bring in a band and serve dinners every afternoon and night.
    My grandmother and grandfather did just that I in the current gazebo (which was a second story space then) in the early 1940’s