Westport’s Hottest Outdoor Art Show Celebrates 40 Years

This weekend will be blazingly hot.

I know it because this Saturday and Sunday are the dates for the Westport Outdoor Art Show. (Formal name: Westport Fine Arts Festival.)

This marks its 40th anniversary. And I’m pretty sure that each one has been held on the hottest weekend in history.

No matter. The show weathered a move from Main Street to Parker Harding Plaza and Gorham Island. It’s grown to 140 artists, representing 13 categories of art (glass, fiber, wood, ceramics, jewelry and digital art, for example).

A mime and artist, both hard at work during last year's Westport Fine Arts Festival.

A mime and artist, both hard at work during last year’s Westport Fine Arts Festival.

Each year brings new artists, performers and food trucks. The sponsoring Westport Downtown Merchants Association is particularly intrigued this year by newcomer Jason McLeod. He uses math, GPS coordinates, and all kinds of numbers, dates and symbols in his jewelry. Here’s a cuff called “Time Traveler Hinged,” crafted from sterling silver, 14k and 18k gold, crystal quartz, iolite and diamonds:

Arts Festival - Jason McLeod

This year features extended hours for a “cooler” evening experience (both literally and figuratively). Adult beverages will be served.

(The Outdoor Art Show is family friendly, of course, with plenty of hands-on kids’ activities, and children’s entertainment.)

There’s even an artsy new logo:

Westport Fine Arts FestivalThe artists have been chosen. Booths have been assigned. Food and entertainment is ready to go.

Now the weather just has to come through.

5 responses to “Westport’s Hottest Outdoor Art Show Celebrates 40 Years

  1. Love the logo — it looks like Westport!

  2. Doug Conner

    Did Miggs do the new logo?

  3. Westport resident Scott Brownlow designed the new logo as a gift to the WDMA in honor of 40 years of the Festival and the organization’s commitment to arts in the community.

  4. Sorry – forgot my last name on my comment – De Monico

  5. chou chou merrill

    The home of the Famous Artists School, across the Saugatuck must be smiling.