We’re #9!

In some ways, Westporters are not too bright.

We can’t keep deer from eating our bushes. We can’t park our cars between 2 white lines. We can’t read the words “10 Items or Less.”

But compared to the rest of the country — well, all but 8 other towns — we are very smart people.

That’s not me talking. It’s that insightful, well-researched and heretofore-unknown website, NerdWallet.

nerdwallet-logoThe other day, they set out to find the “most educated places in America.” So they  examined percentages of population that earned high school, bachelor’s, master’s, and professional or doctoral degrees.

That’s it. Not the most rigorous analysis, but who are we to argue with NerdWallet?

Based on those criteria, Westport is the 9th most educated place in America.

NerdWallet writer Nico — who could benefit from a writing course in the Westport public schools, and whose research skills seem limited to the 1st page of a Google search — says:

Westport’s nearness to New York City makes it a natural fit for many people working in finance, science and technology. It has a strong economy of its own, lead [sic] by major employers like Bridgewater Associates, Canaan Partners, BNY Mellon, Terex and dLife. Several non-profits are headquartered in Westport, including Save the Children and the Smith Richardson Foundation.

When Bridgewater Associates leaves Westport, will we be less educated?

When Bridgewater Associates leaves Westport, will we be less educated?

Fairfield University is just a short distance away, and it is known for producing both a MacArthur and Guggenheim fellow, and 62 Fulbright scholars in the last 20 years. Fairfield University also provides local educational support through the Office of Service Learning, including faculty and course development, and community partnership development. 74.7% of Westport’s population holds a bachelor’s or graduate degree, and just 2.4% of the population did not complete high school.

I imagine the percentages in that final sentence refer to “adult” population. If just 2.4% of all 25,000 Westporters did not complete high school, that would be 500 people — or the population of, say, 1 of our 5 elementary schools.

But let’s not quibble. We’re #9! We trail only (from #1 down) Bethesda, MD; Palo Alto, CA; Wellesley, MA; Brookline, MA; Potomac, MD; Needham, MA; Cupertino, CA, and Upper Arlington, OH (?!).

In fact, that makes us #1 in Connecticut.

Time to celebrate. See you at the Mensa meeting!

(To read the entire NerdWallet story, click here.)

6 responses to “We’re #9!

  1. Well, well. Brookline, Massachusetss is on the list. Hmmm. I was from Brookline. Guess I brought some of that “education” to Westport.

  2. Fred Cantor

    Reading this makes me especially glad Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg decided not to move to Westport.

  3. Bobbie Herman

    Ummm — Fairfield University is in Fairfield. It’s very nice to know that they’ve produced so many Fulbright scholars, but what relevance does that have to Westport’s educational level?

  4. Meredith Cohen

    Dan, You have confused educated and smart. People here are educated. Many are also bright. Neither Mensa nor being smart is a part of this article. We are privileged here and have time to go to school and buy degrees. Before we go patting each other on the back, let’s each do something worthy of being celebrated. If you’ve got them, use your “smarts” to help someone less fortunate today.

  5. Mass towns are listed fairly often. Congrats on be listed 9th!