Ketchum Complete

Phase II of Gault’s Saugatuck redevelopment project is almost done.

Saugatuck Craft Butchery is getting ready to move across Riverside Avenue, into much larger quarters (with tables and seats). Cocoa Michelle will follow with an expanded gourmet market, from around the corner on Railroad Place.

All of the 1-bedroom apartments on the west side of Riverside have rented; only a few 2-bedrooms remain. They’re high-end, with handsome finishes and intriguing layouts.

Sidewalks are being extended; outdoor lamps will be installed.

And — very importantly — Ketchum Street is open to traffic.

The hump has been almost eliminated. Riverside Avenue and Franklin Street are once again connected — now visually, as well as vehicularly.

Newly engineered Ketchum Street makes walking in Saugatuck fun.

Newly engineered Ketchum Street makes walking in Saugatuck fun.

That’s good news for the small businesses nearby. And great news for anyone who cares about this tight-knit, walkable neighborhood. It’s back — and more vibrant and varied than any time since I-95 tore through.

That construction ripped the heart out of Saugatuck.

Gault has given it a new heart — and new life.

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  1. how beautiful Bill. Whenever I see you I always ask to save me one even before they were built. Now I know why.