Just What We Need!

Great news!

Peachwave opens next week.

Whew! It’s been almost 12 hours since a new frozen yogurt place came to town.

This one is at 170 Post Road West — near Dragone Classic Cars.

Though a more typical Westport spot would have been nestled between a bank and a nail salon.


6 responses to “Just What We Need!

  1. Matthew Mandell

    Dan, you crack me up.

    Actually PW is alright, but I cannot see how all of them will survive. The one place that needs one, though preferably not a national chain, is Saugatuck. Would be nice to eat and then stroll to have an ice cream er uh…. frozen yogurt.

    • I agree Saugatuck would be a great spot for a ice cream /coffee shop. Maybe an old fashion ice cream parlor. Rainbow. Thai is a great little restaurant. The only problem is that it is very small and the noise level. I would recommend going during the week.

  2. Bobbi Essagof

    In the 80’s it was brick oven pizza places. They were everywhere. Just another delicious trend.

  3. Jamie Walsh

    …and banks…and…well then the Yogurt bubble hits and…well…in this case…meltdown!

  4. Eric William Buchroeder

    In a nation of obesity, there will always be another hot eating trend. But in a nation of Bloomberg, it will always take multiple servings to get full. Order a Big Gulp and save a tree.

  5. JP Vellotti

    I’m amazed that the now closed Ben and Jerry’s, Haggan-Daas and Baskin’s Robbins didn’t see this coming…if only they added a yogurt machine, they might still be in business.