Saugatuck’s Secret $10 Million House

Last Wednesday, the Wall Street JournalHouse of the Day ” was a $10 million beauty in Saugatuck.

Sitting on 6.2 waterfront acres, it sounded like a steal.

Saugatuck MI House of the Day

Amazingly, no one in Westport had ever heard of it. Or seen it.

Not even any realtors, who know everything that happens in town. Usually before it happens.

There’s a good reason: This house is in Saugatuck, Michigan.

That’s a town on Lake Michigan. According to Wikipedia, tourists flock to its “art galleries, harbor, marinas, scenery (and) unusual stores.”

Saugatuck MI seal

What’s the connection to Saugatuck, Connecticut? All Wikipedia says — spectacularly unhelpfully — is: “The first postmaster suggested the name of Saugatuck for the post office, and this name was taken when Saugatuck was incorporated as a village in 1868.”

Perhaps a more important question, given both towns’ obvious interest in real estate, is: “If $10 million buys you 6.2 waterfront acres in Michigan, what would people pay here?”

According to Google Maps, it's 819 miles (and 12 hours, 51 minutes) from beautiful Westport, CT to lovely Saugatuck, MI. Unfortunately, you'll spend most of your time on I-80, driving across Pennsylvania.

It’s 819 miles (12 hours, 51 minutes) from beautiful Westport, CT to lovely Saugatuck, MI. Unfortunately you’ll spend most of your time on I-80, driving across Pennsylvania.

(Thanks to alert “06880” reader Brian Carey for this great story tip!)

9 responses to “Saugatuck’s Secret $10 Million House

  1. Matthew Mandell

    Saugatuck of course is a Native American word, not sure what tribe, but it means mouth of the river or something along those lines. Clearly our Saugatuck makes sense and Michigan’s is questionable since it’s on a lake.

  2. Joyce Barnhart

    Interstate-80 is a beautiful drive, up and down hills through trees and farmland all the way across Pennsylvania. It would be about half the drive time. The other half to Michigan is the part that’s likely to be a drag. Surely the way to go is by private plane.

  3. We agree Dan…my kids always said it would be a nice drive to CT (from OH) if we could just get rid of PA (it gets old real fast). This House of the Day is not far from my family’s cottage on Lake MI. We bail on I-80 and take 94 across MI….now that’s a horrid drive!

  4. I like the private plane idea, but unfortunately don’t have one.

  5. Cathy Smith Barnett '66

    Gail I like your comment about “if we could just get rid of PA.” In the 70s my husband John and I visited family in MI during the summer. We’d leave CT around midnight just so we’d drive through PA as fast as we could in darkness. During the night we’d be haulin’ with the truckers, stopping at truck stops where the joint was always jumpin’ in the wee hours of the morning. I don’t think we could keep up with that pace now but those days bring back memories. Back in those days Saugatuck MI was a popular college spring break town but I think it’s more posh now.

  6. I vacationed several times in Saugatuck, Michigan, and its twin smaller community, the not-eponymously named hamlet of “Douglas,” during the years I lived in Indianapolis. It is a tourist, shopping, sailing, and beach community. Filled with people from The City, being Chicago rather than New York. Sound familiar?

    I’m sure it is the City people, not the locals, who are responsible for that multimillion-dollar spread. But sure was thinking for a second there that it was on Saugatuck Shores in Connecticut!

  7. Lee Bollert

    I have visited Saugatuck, Michigan and it is a wonderful town in a beautiful part of Michigan. For those of you who have enjoyed the Silver Palate Cookbook for the past 25+ years, you should know that one of the co-authors, Julee Russo, runs the Wickwood Inn in Saugatuck. I don’t need to say more!

  8. The new buyers of the ten million home in Saugatuck, Mixupagan arrive for their first night in their new home. They walk through the house and open the sliding glass door, and walk out onto the back porch – and they look out on the Long Island Sound and see Cedar Point in the TWILIGHT ZONE!