Today Is National Doughnut Day…

Coffee An' -- Westport, CT


Dunkin Donuts,  Westport CT

I’m just sayin’…

8 responses to “Today Is National Doughnut Day…

  1. Dan I was figuring the least you could do was make the two zero’s in 06880 donuts for today – kinda like google does on special occasions.

  2. or the two O’s in your name

    • Great idea, Joe! The only difference is that Google has about 150 people on staff whose only job is to design those doodles.

      • JPVellotti

        Would it be a Woogle?

        • JP, that is perfect! Dan is like google for everything you need to know (and more) about Westport. Love it! Dan, you better get that domain name quickly.

  3. Margaret Hart Rynshall

    “Ich bin ein berliner” is what I think JFK said, which translates to “I am a doughnut.”

  4. Jane Nordli Jessep

    I remember that Kennedy said that and also that people went “tsk, tsk” that he had made such a foolish mistake. I just listened to that speech again, very inspiring I must say, and found this comment in the thread under the video on YouTube, and thought you’d find it interesting: “The doughnut thing is a misconception. B/C JFK was not actually from Berlin, he was speaking figuratively, making the indefinite article “ein” necessary.”

  5. Jennifer Walker

    Since it is National Doughnut Day I would like to give a shout out to Dunkin Donuts in the Saugatuck Bridge Market plaza. Having lived in Fairfield County for 15 years (Westport for 10…Greenwich for 5 years prior), I can say without hesitation that these DD employees are the nicest people that I have encountered working in any establishment, donut or otherwise. I stop in this DD a few times per week (as I make one of my many trips across the bridge) and there’s always a smile, always prompt, professional service, always a replacement donut for the 3 year-old who drops his on the floor. If, like me, you keep an eye out for those rare places that actually offer good, friendly service, Dunkin Donuts Saugatuck should be on your list. Wishing all those nice folks a very happy National Donut Day!