An “Elementary” Westport Murder

I’m not a fan of “Elementary.” In fact, until this week, I’d never heard of the CBS detective show.

ElementaryBut my great, longtime friend Neil Brickley is. And even though he no longer lives here, he keeps up with the 06880 (and “06880”).

Last week’s episode caught his eye. The plot involved a murder that took place 20 years earlier. The victim was stabbed to death on a street, and the case had gone cold.

“Elementary'”s writers could have chosen anywhere for their fictional murder. It might have been New York, or a made-up place like Mayberry or Mayfield.

But the murder took place in Westport.

We’ve come quite a way from the days when Lucy Ricardo accidentally destroyed our Minuteman statue.

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4 responses to “An “Elementary” Westport Murder

  1. Marty Bell

    Famous Westport people/events again!


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  2. Just re-watched the I Love Lucy video. Hilarious! Thanks for starting my day out with a laugh, Dan.

  3. I wonder if this is the murder of the woman behind the Crossroads Shopping
    Center. Sjhe had a rope tied around her neck… I don’t think the murder was solved and her husband left the area.

  4. Katherine Golomb