Flash Mob Dancin’

You may have heard of flash mobs. They’re sudden gatherings of large groups of people who do wacky things, like spontaneously dancing together to music on crowded city streets.

That doesn’t sound very Westport — we’re not real spontaneous, and our streets are uncrowded — but a flash mob comes to town this Saturday (May 11, 9:50 a.m.).

Not the Westport flash mob.

Not the Westport flash mob.

A group called Flash Mob America — yes, flash mobs have gone corporate — is organizing the event. The good news is that FMA is a group “whose sole purpose is to create Joy thru Surprise.” (At least, that’s what their website says — odd capitalization, poor spelling and all.)

They add:

By surprising an unsuspecting audience and capturing it all on camera, we celebrate, honor, and bring awareness to artists, charities, campaigns, and social causes. By creating a joyful community, we hope to inspire the world to come together as ONE.

Saturday’s flash mob is a “breast cancer fun run, to honor breast cancer survivors and raise awareness for treatment and prevention.”

Organizers are recruiting as many people as possible to join the “very simple” dance. Everyone is welcome. 

Interested flash mobbers can click here to register. You’ll receive an email with instructional dance videos and rehearsal times. 

Spread the word about the event. But keep the details private.


6 responses to “Flash Mob Dancin’

  1. If I could b there I would register,
    Transplanted Saugauckian……

  2. so cool. i’ve always wanted to see a flashmob. i may be crazy but i think i may sign up!

  3. Thanks Dan! This is going to be a wonderful event, and we hope to see many mobbers out there dancing with us to honor such extraordinary women! Oh, and we know our spelling is a little quirky, just like us!

  4. Chris Wilk

    I will definitely sign up