Thank A Custodian

Today was Custodian Appreciation Day at Staples High School.

The student-initiated event featured an enormous poster, which hundreds of teenagers signed with expressions of thanks for all these men and women do, every day, for everyone in the building.

Staples students sign a large poster, thanking their custodians.

Staples students sign a large poster, thanking their custodians.

Students genuinely like their school’s custodial staff — and one of their favorites is Gerard  Watt.

The Jamaica native loves to talk about any subject, but music is a favorite. A Bob Marley fan, the other day he went to the Staples Media Lab to sing “Is This Love.” The backing track is Marley’s band; the voice is Gerard’s.

The video aired today on “Good Morning Staples” — one more way to honor the school’s custodians, on their Appreciation Day.

(Click here if your browser does not take you directly to the YouTube video.)

10 responses to “Thank A Custodian

  1. George the “janitor” was a character at Bedford Junior High in the early 60’s. Could touch his nose with his tongue. He charged a penny to do it and we goofballs loved to see him do it. Good to see “custodians” are still in high spirits and well appreciated.

  2. Yea Gerard, Very thankful — Westport has the most awesome janitors!

  3. Very nice gesture and a neat video…..only suggestion is that Gerard would look better in a Met cap.

  4. Staples has a lot of music talent on the custodial staff. I was introduced to another custodian recently — a musician who used to be a neighbor of Van Morrison’s in Belfast or London back in the day.

  5. now this made me happy!

  6. Go custodians !! They work hard day and night, get paid little and had their contracts Cut (“renegotiated”) by Landon about 3 years ago. They deserve better.

    • It’s easy to blame Landon. But it’s more fair to blame the corrupt union bosses.

      • Landon doesn’t have the balls to renegotiate with the teachers union – only the lowest man on the totem pole, custodians. Savings=pennies.

  7. that made me smile

  8. That was very sweet. Thank you Gerard and the staff for ALL you do!