Norman Rockwell Would Be Proud

On Saturday, Cub Scout Packs 100 and 192 held their annual Pinewood Derby at Coleytown Middle School.

Westport CT Cub  Scouts

Sure, they used a laptop to tweak their homemade cars for peak performance. (Or maybe they were just playing Angry Birds.)

Westport CT Cub Scouts

But it’s great to know that — in an age filled with demands like youth sports, music lessons, tutoring and god knows what else — something as simple as watching a homemade race car tear down a track still brings such joy to some kids.

Westport CT Cub Scouts

I especially like the boy in orange, at the far right of the front row. That’s the spirit!

Westport Cub Scouts

(Click below for a short video shot with a camera attached to one of the cars. Click here if your browser does not connect directly to YouTube.)

6 responses to “Norman Rockwell Would Be Proud

  1. Phat Ol Fill

    Why are the cameras on the slowest cars?

    Come on people! No comments?

  2. Carl Addison Swanson III

    Hurray for the Scouts!!! A very long and proud tradition here in Westport. I find it sad commentary on this town when we get close to 100 comments on a chain link and two on some great kids.

  3. Go scouts!

  4. Considering it for my son

    How do I find more info about how each of the troops is different, and what the different troop options are in town? Is there a town contact for all things Scouts? Thank you.

  5. CT Yankee Council, covers this area and can give you contact info for the troops in Westport.