Adios, Oaxaca

Oaxaca — the Compo Acres Shopping Center restaurant featuring cuisine from Mexico’s southernmost province — has closed.

Oaxaca was in business for a bit over a year. It succeeded Thali, an Indian restaurant. For a long time before that, it was the pan-Asian TaiPan.

Compo Shopping Center -- across the Post Road -- is reflected in the glass door of Oaxaca. A simple sign announces the restaurant has closed.

Compo Shopping Center — across the Post Road — is reflected in the glass door of Oaxaca. A simple sign announces the news.

The dining scene in Westport constantly changes. 323 opened recently — after many delays — to good reviews, in the spot formerly occupied by Bogey’s.

Shake Shack has stabilized the location that for years saw an ever-changing cast of cuisines. Everything was there, from a steak chain to Mongolian.

Some places — like the corner of Post Road and Myrtle Avenue — evolve from restaurants (Glynn’s, etc.) to commercial uses (it’s now a real estate office). Others go the opposite way: 5 Guys spent years as a Western Auto, before morphing into a girls’ clothing store.

No word yet on what will take Oaxaca’s place. But its New Haven location is still open.

34 responses to “Adios, Oaxaca

  1. the food was delicious but the portions were small and not a good value… they would have been successful if they offered value..

    • Bad location, average, unusual, overpriced food = out of business. Instead try Villa del Sol, behind the Westport YMCA. Family owned, real Mexican food reasonably priced and great margaritas!

  2. Bring back Taipan. Miss that Taipanese cooking!

  3. Babette d'Yveine

    I think the average life span of a restaurant in Westport is about 6.5 months.

  4. I see the Chinese restaurant next to Jordan’s opposite Stop and Shop has also suddenly closed shop. It appears that Westporters don’t support cheap, bad Chinese food.

  5. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Do you mean Shang Hai Gourmet, Ed????

    • Westport Delight

      No. It’s the place directly NEXT to Jordan’s. It changes ownership (and names) about twice-a-year. Okay, I’m exaggerating but not really.

      Unlike that dump, Shanghai serves quality food and they do very well. It also doesn’t hurt that their ownership is well sustained by the Village Gourmet in Norwalk.

      • As a loyal Village Gourmet customer, I am sad to report that lately they have gone downhill.

      • Elisabeth Keane

        Do you mean Rice N Noodles? Don’t remember offhand if that one is/was next to Jordan’s.

  6. something doesn’t compute here.

  7. Old Bridge Grill Patron

    What are the quality Chinese restaurants in western Fairfield County and what is their best offering? I honestly can’t think of any.

    • Babette d'Yveine

      Bond Grill in Norwalk and Wild Rice in Fairfield are both excellent. Rather than Chinese, they’re “Pan-Asian,” but you can get some Chinese specialties. They both serve sushi, which seems to have been the #1 hot item for some time.

    • Another Citizen

      There is a good one in New Canaan. Can’t think of the name but it is on the main shopping street

  8. U. Zooelly N. Trouble

    They’re putting drywall in the sum yung gai.

  9. Another Citizen

    Also a Village Gourmet regular and fan, my last visit was a disappointing.
    Which chinese is closing? Is it Tiger Bowl across from Jordans 2 in the Home Goods strip mall? That would be sad as they have been there forever! Nothing like old fashioned greasy chinese food!

    • Westport Delight

      No. Again, I repeat, it’s the place NEXT to Jordan’s in Westfair Center, which is across from Stop and Shop and also next to the new location for Baker Graphics. Hope that helps.

  10. I miss West Lake!

  11. You know… for those who have complaints about a restaurant, have you ever offered a constructive critique, spoken or written to the management about what you like and don’t like about the food, ambiance or value?

    It is so easy to pile on the snark, what have you done to help?

    • Babette d'Yveine

      Whenever I’ve had a meal that I’ve enjoyed, I’ve usually complimented the management, and try to return.. I don’t like to tell them if I don’t like a meal — I guess I’m reluctant to hurt someone’s feelings. But I won’t go back. Actually, I never went to Oaxaca.

    • Occasionally, yes. However, I am far more likely to simply walk away and spend my money elsewhere… and there are many, many elsewheres in the 3-4 towns I eat in regularly.

      Life is short – I just want a quality meal for money, not a platform for my discontent.

    • Why are we supposed to help??? We do already help, by not returning or giving them our business. It’s that simple. There is no need for a phone call, a letter, or in-person reprimand. That is absolutely ridiculous and so are you.

    • Wake Up, Restaurateurs!

      Seriously? First you have to FIND the restaurant manager/owner/chef. These days, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. If you don’t care enough to come out and meet and speak with your customers, we are not going to hunt you down to tell you that your restaurant is off the rails because you obviously don’t care or you would have stopped by, thanked us for our patronage and asked how we liked our experience. If you want to hear constructive critiques or our opinions, then come out to the front of the house and take the pulse of what is happening in YOUR restaurant. Check your ego at the door and be ready to LISTEN and invite sincere commentary–good and bad–and then be prepared to change some of the things that customers don’t like. I dine out several days/nights a week and I can count on my one hand how many times I’ve had an owner or manager come by and ask for my true opinion. As a frequent diner, I have plenty of suggestions and ideas, but you have to care enough to ask me. Take some ownership and stop blaming it on snarky customers. We get pissed off because we are paying good money for marginal food and indifferent service. No wonder we get crabby.

  12. The food was terrible; the place should close.

  13. In all my life, i have never seen such vitriol as I see posted in the comments on this site. The same people weigh in all the time. None of the comments are particularly helpful or generous. It is the same thing with each of you, and you know who you are….complain, indict, dismiss and complain again. “Chef has the day off” is not off base with his question. Who do you think you all are to stand on your individual soapboxes and act as if you are the arbiter of good taste, good food and good manners??? Most of you are the most insulting commenters I have ever had the displeasure to read.
    Get a life and grow up. And if you can’t do either of those things then PLEASE stop abusing your 1st Amendment rights and shut up. Dan Woog, you invite this kind of theater of the absurd. You too, should find a way to be a kinder, gentler human being. Otherwise, none of these blowhards would have their forum.

  14. Oaxaca was a disappointment the one time I was there – I brought a group in without a reservation and we could not find anyone to speak with about a table. It was strange. It seemed disorganized. I’ve been to the owner’s Thali restaurants in Ridgefield and New Haven and they are terrific. Maybe Oaxaca was a clever idea but something just didn’t quite come together.

  15. Wake Up, Restaurateurs!

    Adios, Oaxaca! A noted Indian chef opens a sub-par, faux “Mexican” restaurant with toxic drinks and a clueless wait staff, and it flops? Big surprise! I could rattle off a handful of other newly opened restaurants in town that are just months away from suffering a similar fate. Note to local restaurateurs: Westport needs a few good restaurants offering simple, honest food at reasonable prices. We won’t suffer pretentious, overly ambitious fusions and gimmicks that don’t work (no more food served in wraps or “Kones”: Hello, Moja!). We don’t need another inauthentic Mexican restaurant that can’t make a Margarita that doesn’t taste like rubbing alcohol (RIP, Oaxaca!). We don’t care for crappy, overwrought entrees (soggy Seafood Crepes) at a bar when a decent burger will do (Blu Parrot), we won’t abide tiny portions of pasta for $25+ a dish (you know who you are)…Wake up, Westport restaurateurs! Your patrons want a fun night out that doesn’t break the bank. We’ll pay up…if the ingredients are local and stellar (The Whelk, leFarm). We’ll return for a fun ambience with consistent foods (Spotted Horse, Pane e Bene, Pink Sumo) but we’d rather take our business elsewhere than try to bend our tastes to your egotistical fantasies. We lived in NYC before we fell off the turnip truck, and we know good food. We’d choose a tasty, ethnic dive over a crappy, overpriced hose-down any day of the week. It’s gotta be good, or you’re going down…One more thing: If your restaurant is run by a posse of rude, texting “I don’t want to be here” teens, do you think we’re coming back? I don’t think so. If you’re a restaurateur, stop by and let us know that a caring adult is running the show. If not, we’re taking our business on the road.

    • The Spotted Horse has the ambiance of an IRT station at rush hour.

      • Wake Up, Restaurateurs!

        And lots of Cougars at the bar. Despite the noise level, a good time and a decent meal can be had. Order a stiff drink and bring your loudest friends.