April Fool’s: The “Where The Hell Is Matt?” Edition

Monday’s “06880” post on removing 80% of Westport’s traffic lights was my little April Fool’s joke.

(What? You JUST NOW realized it wasn’t true? Holy crap!)

Meanwhile, YouTube posted its own — more intricate but (IMHO) less funny — April Fool’s prank.

YouTube “announced” that the past 8 years have been an elaborate contest. As of midnight Monday — April 1! — they’d shut down, review every video ever uploaded, and pick one ultimate “winner.”

What makes this blog-worthy is that YouTube gives 2 shout-outs to Matt Harding — the 1994 Staples grad whose videos of himself dancing poorly, from Macchu Picchu to Mongolia (and every place in between) made him an early YouTube sensation. (Later, it earned him corporate contracts.)

First, the April Fool’s video shows a brief clip of Matt in mid-dance.

Later, he’s “interviewed.”

YouTube April Fool - Matt Harding

“I better win,” he snarls. “Otherwise, all those years of traveling the world were a waste of time.”

You can watch the video below. (Click here, if your browser does not link directly.)

And for those of you who are easily snookered, remember: It’s a joke!

2 responses to “April Fool’s: The “Where The Hell Is Matt?” Edition

  1. Yes, very ingenious of YouTube to make fun of themselves and of their viewers. But nowhere nearly as imaginative as you have been, Dan, in bringing April’s Fools to a new level of journalism.

  2. I was a little nervous to click on the link!