Help Wanted!

You know all those town boards you kind of, sort of, occasionally half think about?

Like the Flood and Erosion Control Board, Historic District Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, Public Site and Building Commission, Sherwood Mill Pond Advisory Committee and Tree Board?

Well, they don’t just fall out of the sky and control floods, oversee teardowns and keep the mill pond algae-free.

People do that. People like committee members.

If you're on the Tree Board, you can help determine the future look of Main Street.

If you’re on the Tree Board, you can help determine the future look of Main Street.

And right now, First Selectman Gordon Joseloff is looking for people to appoint to those boards. (And others, though the press release I’m about to quote from did not name them.)

“Nothing is more fulfilling than being able to serve our community as a volunteer,” Joseloff said. (That gives you some indication of how much you’ll get paid.)

“Hundreds of Westporters already give their time in so many ways to the town, but there is always a need for new faces.”

Terms range from 1 to 4 years. Some are for regular members; others are for alternates.

Details about the various bodies can be found here.

And hey. If you don’t find a board or commission that excites you, you can always run for 1st selectman. There’s a vacancy there soon, too.

11 responses to “Help Wanted!

  1. Several years ago I answered the call for this and received no response from Mr Joseloff. It appears he only appoints people he knows. If someone not know to The First Selectman was appointed I would like to know.

  2. In fairness to the tree commission, I understand, through the proverbial grapevine, that they had no knowledge of the impending decision to cut down the trees on Main Street. What is the point of having these commissions if they are not even consulted or included in the decision making process. Also we have an appointed commission or two that feel they can make decisions that elected officials and their respective boards should be making.

  3. Serving on the Historic District Commission was one of the most challenging and interesting things I have done. I am still having withdrawal pains after resigning! BTW, Gordon regularly appoints people he does not know. He asks for a letter with background information and then an interview.

    • I recognize your name and thank you for your service to the town. But I didn’t even get a call back.

  4. Maggie, I think that the HDC as a whole is still having withdrawal pains over your resignation. You epitomize a volunteer’s commitment and dedication to Westport and have set a very high standard for community involvement and volunteer service.

  5. I’ll volunteer on a commission after Gordon is out of office.

  6. So lets figure this out-
    It’s a free country but everyone is in business to make money.
    The soda business wanted their bottles and cans back for recycling- so they make you give a deposit that you get back when you bring the bottles or cans back. Or some poor guy driving a pushcart, garbage dives, collects them and returns them for you! Mission accomplished.

    Now we have an eleventh plague- a blight of signs put up and never taken down. Procreating and multiplying before our eyes!!

    Solution- If you want to put up a sign somewhere for business or politics- you have to give the town a signage deposit. The sign has to have an expiration date ( 10 days after election day, two or three week limit on all others) after which the town can take the sign down and charge you for taking it down (if you don’t collect them your self)- using your deposit for being able to put them up!! You take them down- you get your deposit back!!

    Win/Win- everyone gets their signage time in the sun, signs don’t stay there forever, signs don’t multiply and the town makes money on the deal if the signs are not removed by the owner.

    And if you don”t want government doing this- privatize it to industry for a fee!!

    Just a thought!!