Lisa Brummel’s Hall Of Fame Game

It’s been 30 years since Lisa Brummel starred at Staples and Yale. But Connecticut hasn’t forgotten her.

Next month, she’ll be inducted into the state Basketball Hall of Fame. She’s in good company. Her fellow inductees include UConn women’s head coach Geno Auriemma, and the Huskies’ longtime associate head coach Chris Dailey.

Lisa Brummel, back in the day.

Lisa Brummel, back in the day.

Lisa’s story is legendary. She began playing basketball here in 3rd grade, with guys from her neighborhood. An All-State selection in high school, she was the 1st Staples player to score 1,000 career points.

At Yale she made the All-Ivy League 1st team — 4 years in a row. She led the Elis to the 1979 league championship, and was Ivy MVP. Two years later, she was named an Academic All-American.

Lisa also lettered in softball, volleyball and track at Yale. She was named to the Ivy League Silver Anniversary Honor Roll in softball, and earned Yale’s George H.W. Bush Lifetime of Leadership Award.

For 3 years — beginning in high school — she was a catcher for the Raybestos Brakettes. All they did was win ASA national and WSA world championships.

In 1989 Lisa joined Microsoft. She’s still with them today. Her current title is Chief People Officer.(EWeek named her 1 of the 25 Most Influential People there.

But she has not forgotten her basketball roots. She’s co-owner of the Seattle Storm — the 2010 WNBA champs.

Lisa Brummel at Microsoft.

Lisa Brummel at Microsoft.

Next month’s induction ceremony in Hamden will be a nice homecoming for Lisa. But there will be one Westport connection even she might not know: A co-founder of the Connecticut Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, back in 1987, was Ann Fariss. Before she was a college athletic director, she taught physical education — at Staples High School.

20 responses to “Lisa Brummel’s Hall Of Fame Game

  1. In addition to bring great athlete, Lisa was one of the nicest kids around back at Coley Middle and Staples.

  2. David Webster

    Wow, I work for Microsoft (remotely here in Westport), but I spent 7 years at HQ in Redmond where I met Lisa a number of times. She’s a rock star at work and one of the most down to earth people you’ll ever meet at that level of a huge corporation. But I had no idea she was from here and had such an amazing pre-Microsoft set of accomplishments! Leave it to Dan to tell me something new about a colleague 2500 miles away.

  3. How well I remember Lisa at Staples–in my English class. And how well I remember shaking my head when she brought me her Yale application. Basketball at Yale? No way. And I remember how very, very wrong I was! Good Wishes, Lisa!–Karl Decker

  4. Congrats to Lisa and, if the Knicks should ever be put up or sale, I hope she will explore the possibility of being a co-owner of my favorite team. She’s clearly been a champion on and off the court.

  5. Leslie Becker (Staples ’75) also works at Microsoft HQ.

  6. Lisa was also a co winner (along with Phil Moen) of the first Albie Loeffler Scholarship award in 1977, given annually to one or two Staples senior athletes that demonstrate outstanding character and leadership skills that reflected the spirit of Coach Loeffler’s teachings.

    Moreover, she has not forgotten her roots and has been a generous donor, giving back.


  7. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Congratulations to Lisa!!! And, who can forget Ann Farris? I played basketball for her on the JV team at Staples on the ’66-’67 team. Will never forget how she made us dress up for away games and insisted on us wearing lipstick! Sounds really funny in today’s world:)

  8. She was also an amazing field hockey goalie!! But yes, most of all she is just a really good down to earth person!!! She has a lot of fans back here that she does not even know about!

  9. 1,000 points at Staples? What does that average per game to be? Amazing. A honor well deserved.

  10. Pete Brummel

    Back in the day, she taught me how to throw a curve ball, execute a lay-up, run post-patterns, button-hooks and the 4th down, hail-mary bomb! Congratulations Lisa!

  11. Lisa and I were friends in middle school – how wonderful to hear about her and all of her achievements! Congrats Lisa! So great to hear about you!

  12. U. Zooelly N. Trouble

    Lisa obviously favors her late dad, Ken Brummel in looks, ability as well as accomplishment and that is a compliment to both of them and her dear mother, Josephine.

  13. Britt Elizabeth Anderson, Class of 79

    Congratulations Brum! First, 06880 features Celia and now you. Proud to have known you both at one time.

  14. Lisa,
    You were always such an amazing athlete. Congratulations!! I live in ther Seattle area also. I am proud to know you!

  15. Maura Eagen Ripson, Class of '79

    Congratulations Brum!! What a great example you set for all of us lowly underclassmen in field hockey, basketball and softball….coach Parker (TOGM) and coach Mouraske (sp??) would be proud!!

  16. Lisa "Brum" Brummel

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments and thanks, Dan, for allowing me to reconnect with so many friends.

  17. Constance Stevenson

    Very happy for you Lisa. No one loves the game more than you do. You show it every time you step on the floor at Key Arena and being a part of Force 10 who saved our Seattle Storm. Congrats and High 5 😉

  18. Since being Kenneth Brummel’s (Lisa’s Dad) business partner for over 25 years, I have known Lisa. Her energy, caring, and honoring her parents and elders has proven an invaluable lesson to us all. Give respect, you get it back twofold. Her competitiveness and drive derives from her mom Josephine. Her strength and smarts from her dad. This honor she has, has been returned to her by all the accolades that have been bestowed upon her. When her dad passed away at the end of December 2012. She was there to help me get through the tears and supported me to keep our business successful. What more can I say but congratulations Lisa. And I love you like my own sister!

  19. I first met Lisa in Kindergarten at Coleytown Elementary School…
    She was the very first friend I ever made at school…

  20. Mark Dickinson '77

    Congrats Lisa!