“Hello! I Must Be Going” Comes Home

Our new movie theater is still on the drawing board. But Westport has always produced movie-makers. And it’s still a great place to make movies.

Hello I must Be goingAll 3 elements come together on Sunday (March 24, 4 p.m., Town Hall), when Westport Cinema Initiative presents a screening of “Hello I Must Be Going.” Starring Blythe Danner, it was shot in Westport 2 years ago — and written and directed by Westport residents Todd Louiso and Sarah Koskoff.

The film — about a young divorcee moving back with her parents in suburban Connecticut, where an affair with a younger man rejuvenates her passion for life — received a Grand Jury Prize at last year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Westporters will recognize plenty of local scenes on screen — Compo, downtown, Viva’s to name just 3.

And plenty of local faces, in cameo roles. You can figure those out for yourselves.

Click below for a YouTube interview with director (and husband of Sarah Koskoff) Todd Louiso — or click here if your broswer does not link directly to it.:

8 responses to ““Hello! I Must Be Going” Comes Home

  1. Don Willmott

    Just saw it via Netflix. Very well done!

  2. There’ also a scene shot in Tavern on the Green. We recognized it immediately and happily remembered our many lunches ( and dinners) at Chez Pierre. Any of you old timers remember Horst, Brendan and Pierre?

    • Have not seen the movie, but hope to. If you want to catch Brendan from Tavern….check out Coffee An; most mornings.

  3. This is such a lovely and warm story, filmed on a shoestring budget in 17 days. Dan, I can’t understand why there are only two comments. I guess that if the 1st Selectman was starring, there would be 75.

    • Westport Delight

      What would you like us to say? It’s difficult if we haven’t seen it, yet.

  4. Sorry. It’s a 2012 film that’s been around for awhile. I had assumed
    it had played in area theaters. Enjoy it now.

  5. I saw it and also recommend it. (And I think you mean Tavern on Main.)

  6. Thank you, Fred, I guess I spent too much time in NYC.