The Age Of Aquarion

That cute little Aquarion pumping station on Weston Road — just north of Lyons Plains Road — looks a lot less rustic these days.

Actually, these months.

Since the fall, work has proceeded in fits and starts on what was once a nicely landscaped building, nestled along the Aspetuck River. For a while now, it’s been wrapped in Tyvek.

And a gray fence with hay — plus a nearby port-a-potty — sure doesn’t do much to protect the homeowner next door.

Weston  Road, Westport

Aquarion property, Weston Road

(Photos by Jo Shields)

(Photos by Jo Shields)


4 responses to “The Age Of Aquarion

  1. when people don't do their job well

    I would recomend that anyone, and everyone who finds it unsightly call Liz Schultz at Aquarion in Bridgeport. She is the head of real estate and can get it fixed. If we just whine to ourselves, it will stay ugly

    • I don’t really think you can call the property “unsightly”.

      It’s pretty evident from the photos the building / property is being renovated.

      It’s a construction site…….They tend to look discombobulated…….

  2. Westport 4 Life

    I pass by this almost every day coming out of Bridgewater. Had NO idea it was connected to Aquarion. Any idea as to what they’re currently doing? Just trying to fix it up?

  3. Joanne Avery

    I love these updates on all things big and small in Westport. I have mixed love/hate for my upbringing there, but I guess love overrides the other as each mention of sites from yesteryear warm the cockles of my rusted ticker.