Happy Anniversary To Us!

Today, “06880” turns 4.

When I hurled that 1st post into cyberspace on March 6, 2009 — click here for that trip back in time — I thought I had a few things to say about Westport.

My biggest fear was not finding enough material to fulfill my goal: posting once a day.

I shouldn’t have worried.

"06880" helps Westport weather good times and bad.

“06880” helps Westport weather in good times and bad.

I did not foresee windstorms, hurricanes and blizzards. Great Cakes. Church Street. Newtown.

I knew there were amazing Westporters, doing incredible things. I didn’t realize I’d find so many of them. They paint and preach and run 86 flights up the Empire State Building. They run for office, and run our town.

They drive too.  Though not very well.

Four years ago, I envisioned an ongoing “06880” conversation. I hoped there would be some interesting back-and-forth. I had no idea dudes like The Dude would wade in with such gusto, commenting and opining and inciting near riots.

It’s been a wild ride. In 4 years I’ve posted over 2,600 times — an average of well over twice a day.

Commenters on "06880" have called this man a socialist and a bully.. Whatever.

Commenters on “06880” have called this man a socialist and a bully.. Whatever.

You’ve made more than 30,000 comments — an average of more than 10 per post.

For me, it’s a labor of love.

And time.

As “06880” has grown, so have the hours I spend on it.

There’s writing, sure. But also interviewing, researching, responding to comments (public and private), taking and sizing and framing photos, and scouring the web for appropriate (and occasionally inappropriate)  graphics.

I spend a few bucks, too. I pay to keep “06880” ad-free. I pay for domain mapping. I pay for photo-editing software.

So, once a year — on my anniversary — I put out my tin cup.

If you like what you read, please consider supporting “06880.”

A suggested donation to "06880."

A suggested donation to “06880.”

Am I worth $1 a month?  $1 a week?  Perhaps (my choice!) $1 a day.

If you think “06880″ deserves 10 cents a day, that’s only $36.50. (If you think it’s worth more — and you can afford more — well, who am I to argue?)

I hope if “06880” has ever

  • made you  laugh, cry, think or wonder
  • spurred you to go to an event, read a book, try a restaurant or patronize a store
  • kept you up to date in a blizzard, hurricane, windstorm or power outage
  • helped publicize your event, book, appearance or concert
  • published your photo
  • delivered breaking news
  • opened a window on Westport’s history, helped you think about its future, introduced you to someone in town you never knew, or helped you look at someone or someplace in a new way
  • given you a voice in the comments section

— you will considering tossing something my way.

Can't we all just get along?

Can’t we all just get along?

Republicans: Think of me as a small (ho ho) businessman doing his best.

Democrats: Help a non-union worker get some benefits.

Libertarians: You won’t find a “Comments” section like ours anywhere else in the world.

Thanks for 4 great years.  I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, whether anyone sends an anniversary gift or not.

But it would be nice.

You can donate by PayPal: click here, then click “Transfer” and select “Send Someone Money” from the drop-down menu, and enter this email address:  dwoog@optonline.net.  You don’t even need a PayPal account!

Checks (or cash, if you’re paranoid I’ll find out who you are) may be mailed to:  Dan Woog, 301 Post Road East, Westport, CT 06880.  Put “06880″ on the memo line.  It won’t do anything for the IRS, but it may help you remember at tax time why you sent me something.

61 responses to “Happy Anniversary To Us!

  1. Expat Westport

    Hi, Dan! I stopped using PayPal when they said I’d reached my “sending limit” after which I had to provide direct (!) access to my bank account in order to be “accredited.” So I’ll be sending you a check, with thanks

    • Anonymous, 1

      You should go to paypal site and call them. That e-mail might have been ‘spam’. I got one yesterday and that was the case. That e-mail had not been from PayPal but a scammer trying to get my banking details.

  2. Jamie Walsh

    Same here! What’s up with Paypal. Anyway, Congrats Dan for providing a wonderful start to my day…365. As I have said before…your blog provides an even handed approach for EVERYONE….without censorship! Thanks you for all the great things you do for Westport! Checks in the mail…almost!

    • THANKS, Jamie! I’m glad you’re part of our “06880” community. Thanks too for your always on-target, insightful AND civil comments!

  3. Anonymous, 1

    I am still surprised this blog has not been bought by one of the local or other publishing companies. This is a really valuable blog.

    • end corruption in town hall

      It can’t be bought because then there will be rules and a politically motivated backer. The other publishers post propaganda for the town. They do not suggest that “the town” is run by many incompetent officials clinging to their paycheck by playing the game rather than doing what is Just. For example, Steve Edwards of the Department of Public Works making $175k and using his “appointed” discretion to determine which contractors can break rules while forcing others to follow them.

      • Anonymous, 1

        That isn’t always true. There are publishers who do allow journalistic-blogger integrity. This blog and it’s liberal comment policy is a great thermometer.

      • Fact-checker

        Steve Edward’s salary last year was $132,000. Facts, please, no innuendos. As for the other, statement, if you have proof, present it!

        • biased officials

          Unfortunately I have presented it to the town. When push comes to shove, if you are his “buddy” you can skirt the rules because there is a lot of discretion written into his job. This is the same as the people in p+z. They are give “discretion” yet not held liable for thier decisions. This ends up in lawsuits against the town (not the officer or employee who makes the decision) and it is a burden on taxpayers.

  4. Happy Anniversary.

  5. John McCarthy

    Thanks for another great year of promoting open and free expression……

  6. Congratulations, Dan! You’ve got free press and all that that implies sewn up in Westport. You do a wonderful job of entertaining us, informing us, staying on top of the news and even a little rabble rousing from time to time. Thanks for opportunity to comment and freely express oneself that you always graciously provide to everyone! Keep up the great work! Westport needs you.

  7. Rick Fierberg

    As the note that accompanied my earlier contribution said, you are a remarkable citizen journalist, and our lives benefit greatly from your efforts and all they make possibile.

  8. Congratulations! I love reading your Blog!

  9. Fred Cantor

    Congrats! My check is–make that, will be–in the mail.

  10. Congratulations, Dan, on your four-year anniversary! Great job!

  11. Congratulations Dan!! Happy 4th!!

  12. Westport Expat

    Congratulations on the anniversary, Dan. You help me keep up with the hometown news and old friends — all very entertainingly, too. Very much appreciate what you do, and a check’s headed your way.

    • THANKS, Expat. It’s amazing how many former (I didn’t say “old”) Westporters read “06880.” I guess it’s like the Hotel California: You can check out any time you like. But you can never leave.

  13. The blog is awesome — on every level!!!

  14. Sally Campbell Palmer

    Dan, I’m a newcomer to the blog (but native Westporter) and will happily be sending a check, too. Look forward to reading it and the comments every day, thanks!

  15. Happy 4th Anniversary 06880danwoog.com aka Dan! Amy Ancel (above post) summed it up all so perfectly and beautifully and I, as well as many others, appreciate all you do. Your a good guy, Dan, and I’m always happy to support you!

  16. Dan, As a former but ‘always’ Westporter I want to thank you for keeping me that way. Congratulations to you for the extraordinary work you do.To another 40 years!! THANK YOU AGAIN.

  17. Jack Whittle

    Congratulations on another year with your Westport-centric blog Dan, you are a local treasure who also happens to host a valuable forum for discussing / arguing / declaring jihad on issues of importance to us in the 06880. Looking forward to another year of unmoderated discussion!

  18. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Congrats…On your four years of shinning light on all things 06880…. It truly has been a remarkable run of interesting reads, that seem to have no end. Looking forward to learning more about our not so humble PORT and its many fine and not so fine aspects.

  19. I’d love to know more about The Dude starting riots. Please!

    • Haven’t seen the “Dude” on here in a long time. Where’d he go?

      • I believe he comments under a different name, now. That’s what I heard at least.

        • Tom Allen '66

          Nope, Jim, the Dude has left the building. He’s on Facebook now under the name his parents assigned him but sends his regards to Dan and Dan’s readers..

          • Frank Boten

            Tom, what was his reason for leaving?

            • Dude, come back! Your comments rocked!

            • Tom Allen '66

              Frank, the Dude, who has published around 15 novels since retiring from practicing law, uses his spare time to promote his books on Facebook. He didn’t feel that he had the time for both Dan’s blog and FB.. Contributing his wit/wisdom/curmudgeonry to Dan’s blog was fun; his FB activities are business.

  20. thanks for all you do my friend.

  21. Gary Singer

    Happy Anniversary from afar, Dan. I follow you daily, comment when it seems appropriate. My check is on the way.

  22. Westport Downtown Merchants Association

    Happy Anniversary!

  23. Without this blog, there would be chaos and darkness.

  24. Phat Ol Fill

    OK. Good work Dan.

    Now, enough of this kissy, kissy love fest. Let’s get back to snarky.


    • hysterical!!!!! exactly what I was thinking! Personally I prefer kissy kissy love fest!! 06880 deserves only kind words today, snarky begins a new tomorrow! I am a HUGE Dan fan, and a huge daily 06880 devotee.

  25. Happy Anniversary, Dan! You should really be proud of creating something terrific.

  26. Sarah Popp Kunze

    Always enjoy reading about my hometown, thanks for a great 4 years. Happy to contribute!

  27. Tom Allenh '66

    Happy anniversary, Coach! We Westport expats are the richer for your efforts.

  28. Betty Lou Cummings

    You are the best Dan Woog…love you much…Happy 4th! Betty Lou

  29. cathy smith barnett '66

    Congrats Dan and here’s to many more timely posts– and hopefully, civil discussions–on 06880.