If You See This Driver — Well, He Won’t See You

Spotted in the Westport Library parking lot yesterday:

Westport car

And if you’re wondering: Yes, the driver’s side of this almost new car was filled with just as much crap stuff as the passenger side.

23 responses to “If You See This Driver — Well, He Won’t See You

  1. Nicely washed, though why bother?

  2. Tracy Flood

    This is a ery sad phenomena in this dreadful economy. I believe this is someone who is homeless, and has storedd all of his/her stuff in the car. And probably suffers from some sort of OCD (hoarding.) I saw this car when going to derve dinner at the Gillespie Center last Wed., and my daughter and I figured it probably belonged to one of the folks from there. In the richest country in the world…..

    • Anonymous, 1

      I hope they do not see this post. But, If they do, I hope they read only all of the supportive, considerate, understanding & encouraging comments.

  3. Tracy Flood

    sorry for all of the typos above – yikes! Dan – we need (I need) spell-check!!!!

  4. John Hartwell

    I’ve served dinner at the Gillespie Center with my Rotary. You’d be surprised at some of the people who show up. There’s a lot of pain in homes that used to be comfortably in the middle class (and above).

  5. I have seen this in the lot many times and tried to get a photo to show my husband, but the driver has always been in the car. I agree that it is most likely a homeless person.

  6. Maybe the car is heading to junk Lugers.com

  7. If they’re homeless, I assume they are unemployed. Which makes me wonder how the hell they afford to keep it SO clean???

  8. In interior design, that’s called “bringing the outside in.”

  9. That person is all around town. And a danger on the roads!

  10. This person most likely suffers from a disease called Hoarding. I believe it was just added to the DSM-V, the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is due to be published this spring.

    This person may or may not be homeless. His/her house may be just as crowded. For more information, just Google it.

    Like overeating, alcoholism etc, there is no easy fix to this issue. Next time you see this person, offer a prayer of care, safety and love and…try to pass him/her quickly.

  11. Anonymous, 1

    I wouldn’t jump to any negative conclusions as to pathology or residency. I was a regular in some of the real artists studios in Westport before the town became more suburban, and their studios and cars also looked somewhat like this. The same artists that many Westporters brag about living in the same town as.

  12. Why would you post this! Shame on you!

    • +1

    • Public Safety?

      Whatever the circumstances, operating this vehicle puts the public at great risk of injury or death. Anyone walking or riding a bicycle on the right side of the road is likely to be run over by this driver. How can the driver safely turn right without the ability to check mirrors or look out the window? Dan is right to post this. Live free or die? Should this person be allowed to live free at the cost of our peril?
      Driving a motor vehicle in an unsafe manner is no different than using a firearm in an unsafe manner. Both are equally as lethal.

  13. I agree completely with “Public Safety”. While it is disconcerting to think that the driver may have “hoarding” disease it is more worrisome that the situation puts all drivers and pedestrians at risk due to the visual impairment,
    What options do law enforcement folks have, if any, to cite the driver for operating an unsafe vehicle to prevent an accident? This is no joke.

  14. Well since other commenters have pointed out that this car is often seen parked near the Gillespie Center or the Library — that’s within eyesight of the Police Headquarters.

  15. Anonymous, 1

    Fortunately, unless something has changed since the change in police chiefs, the police in Westport are a bit more compassionate than some of these posters. I am sure the WPD will handle the ‘dangerous car’ with their usual warmth and consideration. This sort of public shaming is not this great blog’s greatest moment.

    • Public Safety?

      I don’t think this is about public shaming or a lack of compassion on the part of the blog or the commentors. Nor am I suggesting that the police shouldn’t deal with this problem with compassion. Assuming that the person operating this vehicle has a diagnosable problem, how is the operation of this vehicle any different than an alcoholic DWI? The driver’s medical condition is contributing to unsafe operation. Drunk drivers are reported to the public and the drivers are exposed to “public shaming”.

      Perhaps in his matter, “compassion” and familiarity have created a “blind spot” in dealing with this problem.

  16. I am assuming that the car belongs to the home on Maple Ave. N that looks the same. Definitely a hoarder, a hazard and an eye sore.

  17. Let’s hope they don’t plow into a family driving, hit someone on the street etc. I think someone reported this to Norwalk PD. I am not sure anything can be done about it till a they break the law while in action, by that time it may be too late.

  18. Richard H. Finnegan

    So? And what difference does it make that the car is ‘almost new’?